Well Hello & Happy May!

The year is flying by and the seasons are changing. With the change of the season, I’ve been feeling the need to upgrade, refresh and update. That’s including my wardrobe, my hair, my website and the list goes on and on. While I can’t help you with your hair (because I’m dreadfully clueless when it comes to that stuff) I DO have a resource for getting help with your website if you’re ready for a refresh or update.

Enter Nikki Bonsol, you remember her right? We hosted a webinar together last year helping you set up a highly converting one page website. The webinar was a such a success and people created their websites while we were on the webinar. Yeah, Nikki is as dedicated to getting results for her clients as I am, she’s kind of the best.

She’s the brilliant designer behind my course Your Freedom Formula and she’s a phenomenal copywriter too. Whenever I need a wordsmithing session, she’s my go-to gal.

And guess what, now she can be your wordsmithing go-to gal too! Nikki is opening the doors to her “Write Brave” workshop series. This is an opportunity for you to learn directly from the Brand Healer herself (that’s what I affectionately call her).

Nikki specializes in teaching therapists and coaches how to write their private practice websites so that they can feel confident about connecting with potential clients. She’s been running her Write Brave course since 2015. This year it starts May 15th, and Nikki is sharing a week’s worth of free content to kick off the 2017 reboot!

I love Nikki’s work and her approach, and I think you would, too! She’s booked through September 2017 with 1:1 clients so the workshops are the only way to work with her directly before then. (And for, like, half the price!)

Here’s the link to sign up for free resources: www.nicolebonsol.com/free-branding-stuff (yes, Christmas came early this year…maybe that’s why I was singing Mariah Carey’s Christmas in the shower today….)

Here’s the link to check out the Write Brave workshops: www.nicolebonsol.com/write-brave for a deep dive into what you get.

Also, feel free to hit reply and let me know if you have any specific questions. If you’re ready to refresh your website and connect with your audience on a deeper level, you’re not going to want to miss this chance to meet and learn from the Brand Healer herself!

Sending you all my best,

You're In!