VIP Day Deluxe

Get Your Money-Making Soul-Centered Business Plan Done In A Day!

Nail Your Brand & Marketing MEssage To Increase Your CoNversions

Develop a customized marketing message that aligns with you who you are and speaks directly to your ideal client so they feel called and comfortable to work with you on a consistent basis.

Package & Price Your Programs For Maximum Profits

 Stop guessing at what works and instead create packages and programs that your ideal clients happily pay for and that you enjoy delivering. When you do this, you enjoy your business, your work, and ongoing increased abundance.

Develop Your Customized Marketing Map & Launch Plan

Create a customized plan that’s as uniquely brilliant as you are! This will increase your visibility, consistency and profitability, all while feeling fun, aligned, and organic. 

Before working with Jennifer I struggled with structure, completion of projects and focus. Now, I am able to take my projects from my mind out into the world now. I feel even more empowered to have my personal and professional dreams realized.

Tomiko Fraser Hines

Spending a full day with Jennifer was EPIC and helped me add another stream of revenue to my business and got me to that 6-figure mark I’ve been striving for!

Stephanie Laur

It’s Your Time!

There’s still Time To Get Your Business Profitable & Thriving Before The End of The Year


Hi I’m Jennifer and I’m one part consultant and one part teacher, I don’t just do things for you, I teach you how to apply the tools yourself because I know what you’re capable of!

I’ve developed a proven methodology to guide coaches, healers, and creative entrepreneurs to generate consistent income in their businesses.

Since I know you’re busy, making things happen in your life and business, I’ve created a special offer for you, so we can create all your money-making systems in a day!

If you’re ready to get off the fence and finally create a thriving business by the end of the year, be sure to snag one of these limited spots. They go fast and it’s time you said ‘yes’ to you and your dreams!

I’m here for you and I can’t wait to see you shine, grow, and thrive.


After our day, I booked my first VIP Day client and I charged my highest rate yet! Going through your VIP Day gave me the courage and confidence to offer one myself. 

Deanna Mason

What’s Included

Here’s What Happens When you Enroll!

First You'll Book Your Visioning Call

On this 60-minute call we’ll discuss your dreams, your vision, and your ideas. From there I’ll create a customized VIP Day plan, just for you. I’ll also have some Inspired Action Steps for you to complete before our full VIP Day.

Next We'll Have The Full VIP Day Experience!

This is where the magic happens! In one day we’ll nail your brand, your messaging, your offers, your pricing, your marketing, and your launch plan for enrolling clients consistently with ease.

Then You'll Receive Your VIP Day Booklet + Follow Up Sessions

After the VIP Day Deluxe Experience, you’ll receive a living document of all of our notes and plans from the day. You’ll also have 2 follow-up sessions as check-ins after the actually VIP Day to maximize your results and success! 

Our work together has taken me from a place of fear and longing to a place of action-taking and commitment to a completely new career. Jennifer’s gifts are many and my experience with her has been uplifting and profitable.

Susan Seale

I’m so glad I booked my VIP Day with Jennifer! The clarity I got from our time together was priceless!

Jess Daniels