OMG, it’s September, can you even believe it?

For me, September feels like January. I’m thinking of the future, what I want the next 12 months to look like. My strategy brain goes into hyperdrive and I get filled with the spirit of new possibilities and growth.

What about you?

How are you feeling as the year draws to an end?

Are you filled with a feeling of accomplishment?

A feeling of dread?

Maybe a feeling of, “argh, there’s not enough tiiiimmmeee”

Well, not matter where this message finds you today, I’ve created a list of 10 ways you can prepare for the end of the year, so that you can still experience some “wins” right now and set yourself up for success next year as well.

Because the good news is:

There’s still plenty of time to create and manifest exactly what you want This.Year.

Since I know we’re all busy, for your convenience, I’ve broken this list of ten down into a 3-part series. That way you can  skim, read, absorb and implement the information in bite sized chunks.

Here’s Part 1 of: 10 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Prepare for the End of the Year

Way #1

Map It  Out

You want to map out the topics and/or themes you want to cover over the course of the year.

What that looks like:

  • Use your signature system to come up with those themes (learn more about how to create a signature system here)
  • Think of other mindset topics that play into the topics of your themes
  • Think of best practices to apply when it comes to those themes
  • Think of  common mistakes, obstacles or pitfalls that occur when it comes to those themes

Implement this today:

Keep a Google Doc, Word Doc or a notepad as a designated place where you catch all of the ideas that come up for you surrounding your topics and themes. You can organize your topics/themes by month, by week or even by day. I’ll go into detail about how to do this during my online training happening soon. You can register here for free to find out more.

Way #2


Now that you know what topics you’re going to cover for the next 30 days, next quarter or even the entire next year, now is the time to prepare some actual content.

The art of  batching is simple. You take one task, say like, blog writing for example, and you focus only on that task until it’s complete. You may take a day or your may block out a week. It’s up to you. When you’re not taking the time to switch between different tasks, you’re actually WAY more productive. Try it out!

Implement this today:

Pick a task, like blogging or newsletter writing and write out all of your material for the next 30 days. Want the Gold Star of Ambition. Knock out 6 months or even 12 months of content! You can do it!

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You can head to part 2 of the series here.

You're In!