You can Discover your Dreams and Walk in Your Destiny

When people hear that it’s possible to live the life of their dreams, they often think it’s a bunch of daydreamy, metaphysical, “woo-woo” stuff that’s just fun to say. The truth is, You living the life of your Dreams is a very Real possibility and if you stick with this website I will reveal to you how. However, you don’t have to just take my word for it. To illustrate to you how possible it is to start Walking in Your Destiny, I asked 22 Destiny Discoverers from every walk of life two very important questions.


1. What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream (what you wished you could be doing/experiencing) to Destiny (living the life of your dreams/walking in your purpose)?


2. What were the first 3 actions that you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 


Whether you’re here because you’re looking for inspiration, wisdom, advice or simply the next step in your journey, you’ve come to the right place! Each person put a lot of thought and reflection into each answer and the result is an overflow of wisdom, genius and inspiration!

Don’t Skim This Post!!! This is an important one! Bookmark it, read and re-read it. It’s one of those gifts that keep on giving. Actually, it is my gift to you for showing up and embarking on this exciting journey. You can Discover what your Dreams are and you can begin Walking in Your Destiny, Today! Below 22 Destiny Discoverers tell us exactly how they did….



Tomiko Fraser Hines – Inspirationist, actress, model, host, self-definer, truth seeker & Goddess    

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

I don’t know if there is one particular moment I can pinpoint. I feel like my “Knowing” is/was a gradual process. I’ve done a lot of work on my Self over the years and I honestly think I’m just now getting to the front door of my Destiny.

What that feels like is a calm assuredness that WHO I AM is of my own creation. I am no longer BEING at the whim of anyone outside of myself. I do what I want to do with my life because I CHOOSE to. I no longer worry about what “they” think or what “they” will say. I take responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. And I do my best to make sure that all of them are in line with who I SAY I AM in the world.

I have worn many hats in my life. I’ve been everything from a bank teller, to a secretary, to a model, to a singer, to an actress and so on. And while I used to consider myself fickle because of the many jobs I’ve held in my life, I now KNOW that all of them were building blocks for the ME I am now. And the ME I AM now is a teacher, a guide, an “inspirationist” and I use EVERYTHING I’ve gone through in my life as an example for those who are looking to break through to their truth as well. I KNOW this is my calling because it comes to me with ease and I love doing it. I get such feelings of gratitude and joy when something I share with someone is just what they needed/wanted to hear to get them through their current obstacle. I have arrived where I am supposed to be and I plan to make this my home.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I did the work to complete my past so as not to carry it into my present and future. My present and future are created by me and not dictated by what I went through in my past.

2. I surrounded myself with people who not only saw my LIGHT, but who also saw (or were healthily and actively searching for) their own light.

3. I became SELF-FULL. This is a term I coined that is the “opposite” of selfish. Most times, when one chooses to stop living at the whim of others, they are called selfish. But my belief is that if they are doing so in a healthy way and for the betterment of themselves, it is really them being “Self-Full” – Fulfilling the needs of the self so they can live a life they’ve always dreamed of.


Leo BLeo Babauta -Founder of Zen Habits and author of various books on how to live a simple, satisfying zen filled life

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

There was a moment I remember, within a month or two of staring Zen Habits in early 2007, when I was struck by an epiphany. Until that moment, I had just been blogging for fun, as an experiment to share what I’d been learning and help others … but it wasn’t real work for me. Then I wondered: could this be my calling? I remember being dumbstruck, as this has never occurred to me before. I remember feeling scared, as I dared to dream about the possibility of blogging full-time, being my own boss, doing something for a living that I cared about — and the fear of all of this was great. Most of all, I remember being incredibly excited, and from that moment on I was driven by this excitement.

What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

I took a lot of small actions, but here are a few of the first ones:

1. Talked with my wife and got her dreaming about it too.

2. Focused on creating extremely useful content, trying to get better and better at it.

3. Experimented with building various income streams, from freelancing to ads to ebooks to a book publishing contract to creating courses to help others.



Chris Guillebeau  author of the revolutionary book “The Art of Non-Conformity”, world-traveler, fighter of the status quo

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The biggest step happened multiple times, but it all related to taking action. I used to dream, as you put it, but when I started focusing more on doing, I definitely embraced more of what you call destiny. The actions ranged from small things–learning a new skill, for example–to big things like moving to West Africa. But in every case, the important distinction was in doing something instead of just thinking about it.

What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Began focusing on outcomes. What did I ultimately want to see happen? What was the end goal?

2. Learned to understand how any project, no matter how big, could be broken into a series of small steps. Then I worked on each step one at a time.

3. Stopped trying to pigeonhole myself with the mistaken belief that we all have to find one specific niche or microfocus. I like to do a lot of things simultaneously. Once I accepted this characteristic instead of viewing it as a weakness, things got a lot easier.



Lisa Nicole Bell – Media Maven, Social Change Agent, Renaissance Woman & Entrepreneur, Author of Divine Inspirations

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The defining moment for me was when I quit my last job. At that point, I had to figure out how to make the entrepreneurial stuff work. I didn’t have the luxury of easing to it and kiting myself into a new business. The rubber met the road abruptly and I figured things out as I went along.

What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

My first three actions were:

1. Refining my vision for my life and my business.

2. Talking with a wide range of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers to understand the psychology behind success as a business owner.

3. Trying and failing as often as possible until I got it right and then repeating it again and again.



Margaret Packer – Executive Manager to Lisa Nichols on a plethora of inspirational projects, programs and companies such as Motivating the Masses and Motivating the Teen Spirit 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The truth is that I was doing what I love doing and was already getting paid for it. The defining moment was when I realized that I was living my destiny!! This process came through being taught that hard work always pays off.  So with every task, job, assignment I always sought a way to make it more efficient, more easy, more reliable, and best of all duplicatable.  I’m still living so I’m still taking action to make my dreams a continued reality. 🙂


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Embraced “The Buck Stops Here mentality”, I take responsibility for the good and bad.

2. I Search for and Devour wisdom through books, cd’s, workshops, mature people and quotes.

3. In every break down I am a part of I take responsibility for my part so that I can have a BREAKTHROUGH.



Patty YUniverse – Social Media Muse. Multi-Dimensional Artist. Galactress. TV Host. Creative Catalyst. Love Instigator.

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

Hmm…this is a good one, and challenging to answer in a definitive way for me because I do believe that what I have learned is that I must choose to live and walk my purpose from moment to moment and therefore it is not so much a defining moment as it is a defining perspective that I choose constantly or remind myself to choose if ever I forget.

However, if I was to come up with a marker in my 3D journey called This Life, I’d say it was when I chose to let go of the life I had been creating in Los Angeles, went to Burning Man, and moved to Ojai immediately after. The reason I would choose that transitional time is ultimately because I surrendered what I thought was my life as I knew it – auditioning, bartending, traffic, the irony of feeling isolated amongst millions of souls in the City of Angels – and chose to be a part of a social experiment that is designed to foster community, transparency, family, support, sustainability and deep deep inner work. By surrendering what felt like years of work to build up an unstable, fledgeling career in acting, I found myself DOing as opposed to WAITing for something to happen. Also, what I am now creating actually has a positive impact on others. Again, this ultimately still comes down to perspective because as a human being I have moments when I get hard on myself, or start feeling stagnant, and I realize more than ever that reality begins first in thought and perception. So the most powerful moment possible is remembering.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Self care and taking responsibility for all my actions toward myself, others, and this planet.

2. Paying attention to my thoughts so that I could transmute and shift them as soon as I caught any old patterns of self sabotage, doubt, or negativity.

3. Trusting my intuition and loving myself through EVERYTHING no matter what was coming up.



 Kenadie Cobbin Richardson – Founder and Executive Director of the HerShe Group & Creator of Camp Cinderella and the Cinderella Ball Gala

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

THE defining moment was when I realized that if I wasn’t willing to accept my assignment that God would find someone else. I prayed for a BIG job and I got it. I couldn’t be afraid to follow my dream.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I prayed and quit my job asking God to provide for me financially.

2. I read the “Power of Now” to stay focused on the present and not on the past or possible future failure.

3. I wrote the plan.



Shawn StevensonProfessional Nutritionist, Author of several books such as “The Key to Quantum Health” & Fat Loss Code

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

For me, there were several moments that opened up new levels of success and impact for me as I’ve gone along (and been open to it). But the defining moment that assisted me in walking in my purpose is actually one that most people would see as a tragedy.

Twelve years ago, at the age of just 20, I was diagnosed with an “incurable illness” known as degenerative disc disease. My spine was deteriorating rapidly leading to several herniated discs and constant excruciating pain. I was deemed by the medical experts (several of them) to be hopeless and try to manage the disease with drugs and restricted movement as I aged. After 2 years of living in constant pain and having no one believing that I could get better, something happened in me one evening that caused me to instantly KNOW that I would not only get well, but I’d be a greater version of myself than I’d ever been before.

That night I made a DECISION to get well no matter what… come what may, I was going to achieve my potential. And six weeks after this breakthrough moment when I DECIDED to get well, the pain was completely gone, I shifted my entire body composition to that of an athlete, lost 35 pounds, and what’s more surprising than anything is that I inspired people around me who saw this transformation take place. People started asking me for help, and I felt a burning desire to help make great things happen for them too.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I believed it was possible, and I put the excuses on the shelf for good. Most people point fingers and blame others for their struggles in life. This leaves you as a victim and not the empowered, limitless being that you are here to be.

2. I took 100% responsibility for my life.

3. I set in place a step-by-step doable plan with simple action step that led to eventual unbelievable results. I knew what the end result was, and I just outlined the sequential steps to get there. Simple, but profound. If we’d just do this one step, and take action, I truly believe that we can achieve anything.



Caleb Wojcik – Assistant Editor of Think Traffic, Creator of the website Pocket Changed

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The defining moment in my life was Sept 15th, 2011. That was the last day I worked in my cubicle for a big corporation and left Seattle to go on a three-month road trip all over the United States with my wife. I had dreamt of leaving the grind behind for years and I was finally taking the risk to go out and make it on my own as an entrepreneur. That was when I started living the life of my dreams and I have never looked back.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Started Reading a lot of books about entrepreneurship. Here are my top 20 books for aspiring cubicle renegades to read.

2. Started my blog, Pocket Changed.

3. Reached out to people that inspired me. I started commenting on the blogs of people that inspired me, emailed them directly, and featured them on my blog.



Ben Newman –  President of The Ben Newman Companies, Author of Pocket Truths for Success, Fight the Good Fight and in August 2012 Wiley & Sons will release his next book Own YOUR Success 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

My defining moment would be finding my Mother’s journal and learning life’s most memorable lesson from how my mother battled Amyloidosis and embraced life, “it’s not how long you live but how you choose to live YOUR life.” This has enabled me to cherish each day and appreciate my greatest gifts in life, my wife, Ami, and our children J. Isaac and Kennedy Rose.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Give everyday YOUR very best

2. Recognize that YOUR obstacles are your opportunity

3. Own YOUR Success; we have the power to choose greatness and make everyday victorious.



Adam Pervez – Chief Happiness Officer at, Writer, World Traveler, Volunteer, MBA & a Happy Nomad

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

It’s tough to nail down a specific moment, but I went home for Christmas in December 2010. I passed my first three months with Siemens Wind Power and thus had passed the probation period. If they laid me off or fired me, they’d have to pay me for a month – after six months of working then three months. But I had passed a milestone and then asked myself “now what?” This is when I started actually figuring out what my dream was. I guess I went from Dream to Destiny exactly a year ago when I gave my boss three months notice that I was leaving. Giving my notice and giving my three month’s notice for my apartment made it real. But all the rest came easily and naturally since I had my plan and… hey, it was my destiny, right? 🙂


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I started listening to my heart instead of listening to society. I shouldn’t be living like a nomad in developing countries with an MBA and engineering degree. But this suits me perfectly. I started listening to my heart and living a life in agreement with what it wanted.

2. I read books by authors who also reached a point in their “normal” lives where they were so miserable they had to grab life by the horns and live their destiny. I didn’t read these books for ideas or advice, more just to keep me going when everyone else in my life was less than supportive. Some titles include “The Art of Non-Conformity”, “Eat, Pray, Love”, and various blogs about blogging and traveling.

3. I planned. It would be easily to call me irresponsible or to say I just couldn’t handle the corporate world, but I planned absolutely as much as I could. I felt comfortable dealing with the traveling on the fly, but I prepared really, really well before “taking the plunge.” When I left Siemens on June 30th, I had no regrets yet no doubt I’d be successful in my coming adventure. I think it’s normal to have butterflies when you are preparing and thinking about the future, but when you actually set in action your plan, you should only have a smile on your face 🙂



Lori Painter –  Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Mother & Raw foodie

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

There have been several defining moments when I took my life from From Dream to Destiny. However, the most profound was when I woke up as to

who I really am and what I am meant to experience in this life. It was less about what I am doing and more about how I am being. That is the quality of life. You can have the most amazing dream come true, but as soon as one shifts into a low vibration or emotion the dream ends.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. A clear vision of an outcome

2. Taking time to be in silence and solitude daily to awaken my inner guidance to allow that dream to unfold

3. Acting on the whispers even if it felt inconvenient to my habits of procrastination or didn’t make sense logically. I stopped the mental chatter of doubt and just acted on the inspiration and that led me to miracles.



Lincoln Stephens – Co-founder and Executive Director of the Marcus Graham Project 

What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. write the vision (make a plan and a business plan)

2. garner interest from trusted resources (people that will get behind YOU and your vision)

3. take a leap of faith by asking God to direct what you should do next and be ready to do whatever He wants



Connie Chapman – Transformational Life Coach, Writer and founder of the blog: A Life of Perfect Days 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

I remember the moment that I decided I was no longer going to live my life driven by fear, and I was instead going to be driven by passion, love and joy. I decided that regardless of how afraid I felt, or how out of my comfort zone I was, I was going to do whatever it took to live my dream. I had thought for years that I wanted to be a life coach. Yet I always found reasons why I could not do it, and I had such a huge fear of failing at it. I remember the day that I signed up for my course. I was absolutely petrified and my mind was filled with all the reasons why i could not or should not do it. But I decided that I was going to ignore my head and instead listen to my heart. When I tuned in to my heart all I felt was excitement and eagerness, so I knew I was doing the right thing. I called up, put down my deposit and signed up for the course. It was the best decision I ever made and was definitely the defining moment that moved me from ‘wishing’ and ‘dreaming’ to actually making it a reality. I have not looked back since.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I hired a life coach – I decided to work through and eliminate any of the limiting beliefs and negative ways of thinking that were holding me back from following my dreams. By removing these inner blocks, I was able to start taking the necessary external actions

2. I started my blog – I wanted an outlet to express my passions and and starting a blog was perfect for this. It enabled me to develop belief in my abilities, to gain experience in inspiring and empowering others through my writing, and also gave me a platform to connect with people in a new way

3. I created a like minded community – I knew that I needed a community of similar minded people around me to support me in becoming the person I wanted to be. I wanted people to model myself on, and people who could inspire me and teach me. I began attending any event, workshop, get together or seminar where I knew that people that I wanted to meet would attend. At these events, I would talk to anyone that I could and would try to learn as much from them as I can. In the process, I met some amazing people and developed some unbelievable friendships. Without this new community I created, i do not think I would be anywhere near where I am today.



Desiree ColemanWriter, Public Speaker, Social Activist, Relationship & Marriage Expert

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The defining moment for me was when I was studying abroad in Costa Rica, God woke me up at like 4am and gave me a word for my life. It was a vision for a very specific thing that I would accomplish. In short, it was a preview of my destiny.

I was so excited and i began to write feverishly to take it all in.  And from that moment, my faith was activated and thinking elevated as I began to expect it to come to pass.

The word from God transcended my own ability to make things happen for myself. So, i felt empowered to have supernatural backing and divine orchestration working on my behalf. even though it has not come to pass, I knew that it would come to pass. And with the end goal in mind, i am seeing how every experience, every trial, every opportunity puts me one step closer to my goal. I realized that it’s a journey that doesn’t begin when we arrive and obtain the thing our soul desires. It starts with today….in your mind….believing that it’s possible and taking steps towards that. This is the essence of faith: seeing things before they come to pass (Hebrews 11:1).  I walk in the power of God (Elohim, the Creative one) who has authority of time, space and nature to make what make seem impossible happen for me.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1) Wrote vision and made it plan (Habbakuk 2:2). It was in the form of a journal and i still refer to it to this day

2) Believed in what I could not see. I was Not trusting in my own self but in the Lord to who what I could not do

3) Took the first step. Thinking about the end goal, I did what was in my power in that moment to work towards it



Darryl Frierson –  Founder of From Ashy to ClassyCEO/Creative Direct of FreeTime LLC, Podcast Creator/Co-Host, Award Winning Writer & Can be found in next month’s Black Enterprise Magazine

What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Understanding that there is no TRY only Do…(shout out to Yoda)

2. Realized that I am NOT going to be perfect and that I will make mistakes

3. Believe that I can’t settle for good when great is on the horizon



Robin Allen – Owner of That’s Swank! Online Vintage Boutique, Personal Stylist & Wardrobe Styling Genius

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

Wow! This is a tough one!

My dream has always been to been to move people…effect people through the world of style.  I feel that if you are not radiating from the outside how can anyone feel your beams of light coming from the inside? So, my defining moment, was a biggie.  It was a cultivation of my experiences & influences I had as a young adult living in small cowboy towns in Wyoming & Montana.  I growing up in these towns I had to find & create my own way to shine.  The best way,  I decided was through my clothes, hair, personality…STYLE!

I came from a mixed background & never quite looked like anyone else so to play up & on my diversity was a way to celebrate all sides of my culture while also building my confidence, charm & tough skin.  These attributes taught me to always be genuine, stay true to your creative impulses & never settle for less. Which in turn, allowed me to become my dream of  a successful business owner & a professional wardrobe stylist!

Without, fearlessly wearing my “heart” on my sleeve & embracing the experiences of my youth along with the incredible guidance & support of my Mom, I would not have been able to even begin to follow my dreams let alone make them a reality.

But, I do think an intricate part of a dream IS the journey!  It is with every goal achieved, misstep learned and hurdle jumped along the way that validates that we are on the right path to our destinies. And, once we arrive, that is when we can TRULY shine and affect others with our beautiful light!


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. Manifest

A Manifestation/Visualization Board of the goals you want to achieve toward your destiny is vital! When something is in front of you & tangible everyday it reminds you how truly attainable your destiny really is! Believe me…it works!

2. Deciding on what I call “Ultimates”

This is a list definitive list of the things you will or will not do, compromise, change on the path of reaching your destiny. Once you write them down, then put them in order of importance. This list should go on your fridge & manifestation board!  If a priority moves or changes on your list…physically update each copy you have.  This is important because you must be able to focus to achieve greatness and we must make sure we are capable of that at all times right?! 😉

3. Finances, unfortunately, come into play

I know this is not a glamorous answer but it’s a true one. So, if you don’t have someone investing in you; You will have to depend on your own devices & that means keeping your CREDIT good…preferably great! This allows you the freedom of getting the loan you might need or the trip you may have to take to get one step closer…



Jen SaundersFounder & Editor-in-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine, Empowerment Artist & a fellow Vision Board Enthusiast

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

The one defining moment that lead me to where I am today wasn’t the decision to start Wild Sister Magazine, it wasn’t even the decision to start writing My Smiling Heart, it was the decision to be happy. I’d spent a long time sitting around feeling sorry for myself and being a victim of my circumstances, until I just got sick of it. I remember sitting on the couch in my pajamas in my apartment in northern China, when I realized that playing the victim had got me nowhere, the only way to change my life was to change my mind. In that moment, I chose happiness, and I did whatever I could to maintain it everyday.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. From that moment on, I started smiling at myself in the mirror, and I do it to this day. It’s amazing how much smiling at yourself can lift your spirits.

2. I surrounded myself with positivity and things that made me feel good. I wrote inspiring quotes on post-it notes and stuck them wherever I would see them everyday. I laughed more, danced more, read positivity blogs, and made my happiness my number one priority until it all came naturally.

3. I expressed myself. I started My Smiling Heart, where I found a passion for writing and a community of kindred spirits, which then lead to the creation of Wild Sister Magazine. Everything I am blessed with today started with that one moment in which I chose happiness, almost 18 months ago.


Chad Sterling – Socially Conscious Web Programmer/Designer, Dance Enthusiast, Adventure Seeker, Dreamer & Best Life Partner in the Galaxy

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

My Story goes a little something like this:

I was working for a giant company as a software engineer and had been there for about 6 years. It was my first job out of grad school and though I was initially very grateful for the opportunity, I grew to be more and more unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad all the time. I got to work with people all over the globe, and on multiple occasions got to travel both domestically and internationally to places that i’ve never been. Unfortunately, the work required long tedious hours that made the concept of “work/life balance” a near impossibility. Compounding the strain and stress were standard corporate shenanigans such as:

  • multiple layoffs
  • work increases without pay increases
  • a company-wide pay decrease that put me below my starting salary
  • Team reorganizations that shifted me between 6 different bosses in 6 years

My job became an unfulfilling way to pass time between evenings and weekends. I filled whatever free time I had being an active volunteer/participant in organizations such as the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and the Urban League, as well as spending many a weekend burning off steam at various social scenes in San Diego.

My moment came during the course of working an absolute insane amount of hours on a project. I spent nights in the office, I spent weekends in the office, I would come home just to sleep, shower and change and go right back to work. I was so caught up in trying to get a win for the company, that I became quite oblivious to the fact that I was literally killing myself. And for what? No way they were going to pay me back for the late nights, the takeout food or the years shaved off of my life from not sleeping.

I had my “F*ck This” moment when I finally realized that I was pouring out my heart and soul into a company that really couldn’t care less. Actually it was more than that – Over the course of my time there the constant threat of being laid-off was paired with messages like “You should be happy you have a job at all.” This strategy targeted a fear inside of me that made me work much much harder in order to keep my job. Then once they see how much work you can do once they put the fear into you, they then expect you to keep it up indefinitely. And over time that expectation increases despite the fact that there is little or nothing in the way of compensation. As an overachiever, I love working my ass off and then getting recognized for working my ass off. But in this setup, you end up working your ass off and then they turn around and ask for more, more, more.

It just happened one day… I woke up and thought to myself “This is just not worth it” and then I went back to sleep.


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

Look, I don’t know if I can recommend these actions to anyone else. Hindsight, being 20/20, I can look back and see that there may have been alternative ways to handle the situation. I probably burned a few bridges that i shouldn’t have. But I can’t even begin to explain how tired, how worn out and how jaded I had become in my role as a cube monkey. I was almost at the end of my rope!

1. I decided work was no longer worth it, so I stopped going. (I can now see the benefit of having a firm plan in place instead of immediately severing ties with the “rat race”…)

2. I got some help to deal with what was becoming a serious bout with depression.

3. The love of my life was living as a volunteer in South America, and I thought to myself – with her is where I want to be, so that’s where I went!



Jae Phillips – Chief Happiness Officer of Small Talk Inc., Professional Dancer/Instructor/Choreographer & DJ, dedicated to the preservation of human interaction. 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

My life changed from dream to destiny when I decided to take a risk that had been on my heart and I turned in my 2 weeks notice at my Mechanical Engineering Job to do a few of my dreams jobs (waiter, entrepreneur, and dance instructor/choreographer). The quality of my life improved immediately!!!


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I researched ways to make money doing my passion
2. I inundated my life with things that were related to my dreams
3. I decided that I will always do what I love no matter what/who says otherwise!

What I’ve learned is that, for as long as you go for your dreams, the Universe will take over and you can ride the current to your Destiny!



Cookie Elizabeth – Dance Sensation who has mastered Salsa, Afro-Cuban dance, East Coast Swing/Lindy Hop, Samba, Brazilian Funk, Tango, West African Dance and Hip-Hop, just to name a few. 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

I got laid off. I realized that the one thing I had to my benefit was TIME. Time is worth more than money. How much did I complain when I was working 40 hours a week that I didn’t have enough TIME to do the things I wanted?? Was this really living? So I decided to make the most of my TIME. After all, I believe it is worth more than $15 an hour, anyway. I thought of it like this: if someone were to pay me $15 an hour to pursue my DREAM for 40 hours a week – now THAT would be living!!


What were the first 3 actions you took to start making your Dreams a Reality? 

1. I got up every morning and worked for 8 hours on pursuing my dream. Nobody ever made their dreams come true by sitting on their ass. This is my new job, I told myself. And I love it.

2. I decided to be thankful for being blessed with time, instead of being angry about being laid off. Positivity attracts positivity. Negativity… well, you can imagine…

3. I stopped comparing myself to others. Yes, other people have steady jobs and stable income. Yes, other people are happily married with children. What do they have to do with me? I decided to focus on me. Where am I now, and where do I want to be, and how do I want to get there? Everyone else has their timeline, and that has nothing to do with me. This is MY life starring ME.

Four years later, I still do not have a steady job with stable income. I am not happily married with children. But I work 8 hours a day doing what I LOVE. And I am the STAR of my own LIFE. And I am HAPPIER than I have ever been. And – I am making it. One day I may make it to the heights I have dreamed of. But I have already succeeded.



Ellen Abramson –  Author of the life changing book “Live To Dance“,  Weight Watchers Ambassador, Healthy Lifestyle Inspirer, Amazing Wife & Mother

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

I have always been a people person. I love to help. When I was just 10 years old, I decided I wanted to be a Special School District Teacher. I followed that dream but it really did not work out for me. As I started my family, I began to work part time for Weight Watchers. It was a great match for me. Losing Weight is behavioral, I love people and I understand the struggle. I have always felt a bit embarrassed as a career choice as it is a minimally paid job. Weight Watchers gave me a voice and an audience. However, it is an important job. I have helped and met some amazing people!

When I began to recover from my heart attack, I was shocked at the alarming statistics that one in three women die from cardiovascular disease. Sadly, only one in five women understand that heart disease is her greatest health risk. I was one of those five. It is my belief that if I was educated on my heart health risks that I could have prevented my cardiac arrest. That’s when the mission began. I want to educate women on cardiovascular awareness and prevention. I called the American Heart Association and began speaking to groups of women just a few months after my heart attack.

Heather (my daughter) got engaged. I worked to get healthy. All I wanted to do was be healthy and dance at her wedding. I did not want to miss any other special occasions for her. I missed her 27th birthday celebration. Instead of a celebration, she watched me as I went into cardiac arrest.

A few days before the wedding, a friend of mine said something about writing a book. I laughed. I have never wanted to do such a thing. At the wedding, there was a lot of talk about my health. I did not look like someone who had been so sick. I was happy to hear that! I heard that because I had exercised so much that I was resuscitated. When you exercise, your body builds pathways to the heart that carry oxygen and blood. It is the belief that this was the reason why I am alive. These pathways are called collaterol circulation. Within a week, I began to write my book.

I continue to work on my dream. I need to put my book into the hands of women. You are helping. Thank you Jennifer. I think my journey has been an evolving one for years. Now I understand that my job has been so much more important than I ever thought! Do you believe in destiny? I believe I am alive to educate women.



Winfred Cook– Award Winning Author of riveting books such as “Uncle Otto” & “Wayfarers”, Owner of “Winfred’s” Hair Salon in San Francisco 

What was THE defining moment when you took your life from Dream to Destiny?

Hair dressing was always my passion, I basically did it for my own pleasure. Early on in my life I experienced writing for the first time. However, being only 23 at the time, I was much to busy with my little life (LOL!). So I put writing on the back burner, and I guess I programmed myself for it to resurrect at the right time. Well guess what…

When the idea first reappeared, maybe eight years ago, it was to write a joint bio with my cousin David; this did not happen. But the second move, now that I’m inspired, was to go forth with or without my cousin. What to write? This was the third move, which I pondered for a while. Then divine intervention prompted me to just start. And the result was a short story called; Uncle Otto.


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