As you may know, I spent a portion of August off the grid to get away from it all, unplug oh, and get married to the love of my life 🙂fullsizerender-5


For our honeymoon we camped Big Sur and the Pismo Beach area and we kept marveling over HOW freakin’ good it felt to have nothing to do but just BE. Or phones had no service, we had plenty of days off and we were just in a bubble of love.

It was awesome.

We vowed to prioritize time off just as much as we do other things on our ever going (growing) to-do list.


So how does one prioritize time off?


(This one is dedicated to all my fellow Capricorns out there, honorable mentions to my Taurus & Virgos too!)


This is how you do it:


3 Ways to Prioritize Your Next (Much Deserved) Vacation


Understand That This Actually Increases All Of Your Favorite Indicators of Success:

Creativity, Great Ideas, Inspiration, Good Juju, your vacation will enhance all of those things! I remember when I first started allowing myself to take breaks it was because my clients could tell I was worn out. (To be fair, I work with intuitives and self-care experts, so it wasn’t hard for them to pick up on it). The old model is to wear exhaustion as a badge of honor, but in current times, nobody wants to be cared for by someone whose exhausted and on their last leg. I realized I had to make it a part of my work to take breaks and that I was actually being of higher service taking care of myself. You’re the vessel that carries out your genius. You gotta take care of that vessel.


Put it in the Calendar:

I have a mini (or major) vacation planned at the end of every 90 days according to the 12 Week Year  (which is one of my favorite books, I highly recommend you check it out). When you schedule a vacation at the end of each quarter you can adopt a different rhythm. Rather than going, going, going, going all the time, you can go hard (or not SO hard) each quarter knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This works best if you’re someone who loves to be engrossed in a project, with the opportunity to use brain (and heart) to create something important and then reward yourself with a break and fully dive deep into self-care and relaxation. #WorkHardPlayHard


Respect It Like You Would A Meeting

Okay so now it’s on the calendar, but don’t just “pencil” it in. You’re not writing it tentatively on your calendar with the condition you’ll only honor it if you have the time or money and NO other scheduling conflicts come up. 

NO, you’re not doing that. ‘Cause putting yourself, your sanity and self-care last is nothing new, sista! Like they say on airplane flights, it’s time to put the mask on you first and just TRUST that this is actually how you can show up better for yourself and everyone else in your life.


So what do you think of these tips? Will you be able to incorporate them into your life? Let me know about in the comments below

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