I am going to make this a quickie, but I had to let you know why NOW is the time to start walking in your Destiny. It’s important, it’s urgent, so much so, I want you to read this post then Take Action on turning your Dreams into Reality!

I present to you:

 3 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Start Walking In Your Destiny


Reason #1: Things are not What They Seem

If you were to ask an economist they would tell you we are in one of the most challenging economic crisis in history. It’s on the news, it’s in the paper and it’s the topic of almost everyone’s conversation.

However, things are not what they seem.

In times of Economic Crisis there is always a group of people that  excel no matter what. Why? Because they know that, when times are rough for the majority, there are a gleaming gems of Opportunity just waiting to be seized!

This is the time when people are selling low for example. If you want to buy stock, a house or even a business, now is the time to do that.

If you have a solution for how to survive during these trying times, that also is going to be a #1 business venture. Why? Because you have the solution everyone is searching for.

Another reason why the economic “crisis” is such a God send is that people are getting fed up with the status quo. In the post Get off of Your Nail I talked about increasing the pain to push you to change. Well this economic crisis has done that on a massive level. So now in great numbers, people are no longer satisfied living day to day, punching a clock and simply existing. Masses are getting creative and are starting businesses and projects that are based off of their passion. This is INCREDIBLE, because when people are living a life of passion we all benefit. Without the current Economic situation, I don’t think we would have seen such a shift.

There are a million and one ways to find opportunities in trying times, which I will write about more later. Today, I just want you to shift your scarcity mind set and realize that this economic crisis we are in is actual a great launch pad for Dreamers and Action Takers.


Reason #2: The World Wide Web

The world is truly flat! Maybe not physically but for all intents and purposes it truly is. If you live in the United States you can easily have a colleague that lives in Hong Kong just as you could that lives in the States. We have found ourselves deep in the digital age, across all demographics. I Skyped my 90 year old Grandma for Mother’s day this year from Esmeraldas, Ecuador to Stockton, California and she is NOT into technology. What this means is you literally have access to any and everyone who has an internet connection. I have seen very rustic areas where the occupants have wooden shacks, a bed and a computer with internet. It’s incredible. With just those amenities a person living in that shack has the same ability you do to start an online business, market a product or sell service. The world is your oyster, geography no longer binds you, what are you doing to do to use the world wide web to leverage your Dream to begin Walking in your Destiny?


Reason #3: Tomorrow is Not Promised

It may sound morbid but it’s true. Look, I don’t like thinking about it either, but whether you think about it or not, it’s the fact that we all have in common. This idea I learned when I was trained to be a Life Coach, I had never heard of thinking of your own mortality as a way to inspire yourself, but it works.

Why? You figure, you’ll work in a job you hate for 30+ years and THEN you’ll start living it up to travel the world, visit friends and finally get the rest you deserve. How often does that work out for people? Normally, people find themselves at the end of the road without enough to even fund their dreams, and that’s if/when they make it that far.

I don’t want to be Debbie Downer, but you have to think, what if this was your last year on Earth, last month, last week….oh don’t make me go any further. Really, really think about it. Are you living the way you want to live? Are you working in a job you don’t like because you are funding your Dream or are you working to save up for one day in the far far future. There is a difference. I don’t encourage living recklessly, but insist that you live the life you can look back on and smile.

If you fall on your face a thousand times while going for your goals, I promise you will look back and be happy at how gung ho you were about walking in your Destiny and not shrinking when it got scary.

Steve Chandler said “We Keep planning to do great things some day when we feel like it. We assign our goals and dreams to that imaginary island in the sea that Denis Waitley calls “Someday Isle.” We find ourselves saying, “Someday I’ll do this” and “Someday I’ll do that”.  That is no way to live. Don’t let the death of a loved one or your own health scare propel you into the realization that Tomorrow is not Promised. Start taking your Dreams seriously Today, so there are no regrets tomorrow.

 Your Turn:

What are you going to do today to Take action NOW?!

Let me know below, and if I can be of assistance to you feel free to Contact Me.







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