Are you scared to go ‘live’ on social media?

Too nervous to put yourself out there?

Do you tremble when you have to press send?

Are you avoiding pressing record?


Are there things in your business that you know you should be doing

To get visible

To stay consistent

To share your message

But you’re just not doing it?


I have 3 ‘Stop The Drama’ techniques you can use, that will help you circumvent the critical inner voice that keeps you from getting your magic out in the world.


Create In Batches — Hi, have we met? Because if we have, you already know I wholeheartedly believe in a concept called batching. It’s when you take one mode of working and focus on it for an extended length of time, like writing, recording, editing etc. So, if you’re scared to publish your podcast, instead of stressing out over it each and every week, why not book a hotel, batch a bunch of episodes, and BAM podcast done! (P.S. That’s exactly what I did last month to launch my podcast.)


Auto Schedule Your Content — This works great with batching. Once you have your newsletters written, the podcast episodes recorded, the website blogs completed or the whatever else you decided to batch create, then, if the platform allows for it, you can schedule things to go out automagically! That way, you don’t have to hear the inner critic every time you want to put something out. You From The Past will get it taken care of so You In The Present can coast for the rest of the month, the quarter or even half of the year (if not the whole year!) I’ve done this for my newsletter for years now. Even if I write a newsletter the same day it goes out, I schedule it to automatically send 15 min from my scheduling so I don’t hesitate, second-guess or procrastinate on getting it out to you.


Mantras or Soothing Self-Affirmations — You know your Truth with a capital ‘T’ is that you’re “powerful beyond measure” as the Marianne Williamson quote tells us. However, sometimes that critical inner voice can flood your mind with doubt when you’re about to do something that’s really important to you and your business. Have some index cards or post-it notes on your desk that affirm that you’re worthy, capable and amazing, because that’s the TRUTH and you simply may need to remind yourself in the moment, so the drama doesn’t knock you off your center.

These are easy enough concepts, but will you put them into practice?

Let me know how these help you through your week, I can’t wait to see you shine as a result of you kicking the inner judgement drama to the curb!

Here rooting for you,

P.S. If you want a deep dive training on how to create a year’s worth of content, I’ll be teaching that to my Profit with Purpose students next month. If you’d like to join in and get laser coaching from me, let’s chat about what’s possible for you! I’ve opened up a few spots on my calendar, to discuss how you can slay and profit big now and in 2022! If you’re ready to go to your next level, click here and book a time to chat with me. Can’t wait to chat!

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