Of course, if you’re on the phone with someone who is a match for your service, you want them to say YES! However, if you get a “no” here’s a way to make it a benefit for your business.



You don’t want to fall into the mindset of “It’s okay if I NEVER get a ‘Yes’” – because that’s not true. You need yeses to make money, to provide help to your clients and to keep your business running.

However, hearing a ‘no’ every now and then is going to happen and if you can use that in a constructive way, versus spiraling into a pit of despair, you’ll be better of.

Now if you’d like more help with this and are serious about getting more yeses from your soulmate dream clients, book a time with me here so we can chat about how you can turn the no’s you’re hearing into a symphony of ‘YES’! If you’re ready to step into the highest version of you, let’s chat!

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