Happy Spring!

I had a blast speaking with those of you who signed up for the complimentary 2016 Action Plan sessions. I learned SO much about you and I’m excited for you to go all in for the rest of 2016!A big concern that I heard over and over is that you sometimes feel that no one notices you. You feel like you put yourself out there and yet you’re speaking into a void.Let me share something with you.

If you don’t know, I’m secretly (not so secretly) obsessed with the singer Sia, she’s so talented, a bit weird and full of passion — pretty much my kind of people!

A friend that knows my obsession sent me an old video of her singing in some guy’s living room. Her voice was as good as it is today, her hair was a mess (in a good way) and she had on some baby doll dress straight out of the 90’s. She wasn’t giving us bedazzled leotards, dance numbers and fierce hair and make-up. She was just giving us SIA.

AND this was over 6 years ago.

What’s my point?

I didn’t know about her 6 years ago – or more correctly stated, I didn’t know I knew about her.  Present day I’m obsessed, and yet she’s be been the same fiercely talented, cooky, and soulful singer for years… she was just outside of my awareness…

It turns out I actually have old songs from her in my iTunes either under the name of her old band or just, Sia, she simply wasn’t on my radar.  In fact, one of her songs, Destiny, was on one of my favorite iTunes playlists since forever and actually came out in 2001.

So, a woman who I knowingly developed a deep appreciation for in the past 2 years has actually been a positive staple in my life since 2001!?

What does this have to do you with you?

EVERYTHING, dahling!
You’re doing the work. Everyday. You show up. You give of yourself, you share your genius in your own unique way. It may seem like no one notices, but people notice.

Even if you don’t notice them noticing and even if they don’t yet know they are noticing, you are influencing in your own positive way.

Every day you gain a fan, you’re gaining traction. The majority of the people who signed up for my Action Plan for 2016 calls, I didn’t know personally. However, when I got on the phone with them it turns out they’d been on my mailing list for years! They weren’t new to me at all. I just didn’t know they were there listening, watching and growing from my content on a consistent basis.

So this is my long way of telling you to Stay The Course. Your work is needed, it’s necessary and it’s making an impact whether you feel it or not. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but slowly and surely you’ll hit that tipping point that you’re looking for. In the meantime, make like Sia and stay genuine, authentic, talented and inspiring and there’s no way you won’t enjoy the recognition you deserve.

I believe in you!

Your #1 Fan,
Jennifer 🙂

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