Alright, so lasts month on Productivity was a big one. I hope you’re feeling juiced and pumped to Discover your Dreams and Walk in Your Destiny! I know some people felt that some exercises were challenging and I was a little drill sergeant-like at times. I don’t mean to be a drill sergeant I just want everyone who has the desire, to have the tools, courage and motivation to go after what they want. Since last month was so super serious, I figured we could have a little fun this month. After all, while I can be serious and get down to business, I am mostly a laughing, smiling, goofy acting, super talkative bundle of a good time. Since I am so committed to people living the life of their dreams I tend to come of like a stick in the mud that says “you’re going to live the life of your dreams and be happy whether you like it or not!”. Who wants that!? So to break the ice, I came up with 36 Things You Didn’t Know About Me. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!


36 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

1. I really want to be in a ballroom competition (never taken ballroom dance lesson…yet).

2. I used to not like using a top sheet. I was all about using a fitted sheet and a comforter only. I rather have something heavy than that whispy tissue light sheet. However, living on the Equator has since broken me of that…for now.

3. I really love clasical music. Cello Suite #1, Brendenburg Concerto #3, Impromptu Opus 90 No. 4, Waltz No. 15 Opus 39 are some of my favorites.

4. I love lisps, I think they are the cutest.

5. Really, truly and completely, both believe in and truly desire World Peace… and sometimes I get glimpses of what it will look and feel like…It’s gonna be great ya’ll…We are on our way!

6. Most of my friends are fashionistas, however, I love wearing my “favorite” things over and over and over again. My fashionistas friends usually have to take things away from me because I am not one to throw my favorite clothing items away.

7. To say I haven’t bought anything at a retail price probably isn’t accurate but I rarely do, and I can’t think of the last thing I have bought something for myself at full price. It’s all about thrift, vintage, hand me downs (from the fashionistas 🙂 ) and sales at the very least.

8. I’m both haunted and stumped by the Zhuangi philosophical question of “Was it a man that dreamt he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was a man…” I can’t pick a side!

9. My secret/odd/kinda of a joke/kind of serious crushes include Anderson Cooper, Wayne Brady and Cornell West.  (I know, I know…) 

10. I can make a 3 leaf clover with my tongue 🙂

11. I’m obsessed with Nag Champas Incense.

12. I love dogs, but I’m actually kind of scared of them at the same time.

13. I feel, “Can’t we all just get along?!”, is a question really worth pondering.

14. I’m not a big TV watcher, but if a marathon of Snapped, Intervention, Starting Over or I Shouldn’t Be Alive comes on and I find out some how, I’m glued. Actually, Law & Order or CSI marathons have the same effect.

15. It’s been awhile, but no matter what I’m doing I stop everything if the movie Selena comes on and watch it aaaallll the way until the part where the rose falls on the stage…and then I turn it off. I’ve only seen it all the way through one.time…never again will I watch the end!

16. There was a time in life when Adventures and Babysitting and Usual Suspects were simultaneously my favorite movies.

17. I love, love, love, volunteering. What can be better than volunteering? Traveling the world to participate in volunteer projects. That is the essence of me.

18. I’m a reformed junk food junkie who now is a flexible vegetarian.

19. I’m pretty confident I’m addicted to sugar.

20. I wish my life was a musical. Dances breakin out in the street, people having dance offs instead of fights, people singing what they say…I say “yes” to all of that!

21. One New Years Eve I celebrated in Vegas and I wore roller skates, even though I hadn’t roller skated since I was 8 or so. I survived…(just barely)

22. I think the greatest gift ever given to me is my older sister (Thanks Mom and Dad!).

23. I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m fluent in Spanish.. (bueno, no se como se dice “out on a limb” en Español entonces tengo que estudiar un poco mas 🙂

24. My Sun, Moon & Rising Signs are all in Capricorn.

25. Jumped off of a 33 foot waterfall in Mindo, Ecuador.

26. I could eat pizza everyday for every meal and there are points in my life when I have done just that.

27. When I eat onion rings I pull the cooked onion out and just eat the onion flavored batter.

28. I love ice breakers, song circles, campfire chats and other camp like activities…in fact I love all things Camp associated!

29. I played the flute in junior high and I’m currently learning how to play the guitar.

30. I cannot stand what I call  “banana noises”. It’s the sound that results when someone tries to talk to you while eating a banana or for example, if someone is making a tuna salad and the mayo is squishin around with everything else. The sound it makes = banana noise. Ick!

30. I’m suspicious of sequels. I could definitely name some movies that are exceptions to the rule, but in general I don’t believe in them.

31. My alias is Sunshine Builder due to my ability to find the silver lining in just about any situation.

32. I’m obsessed with making lists and pretty obsessed with planners/calendars as well.

33. I whole heartedly believe in the “magic” of vision boards.

34. This list was only supposed to be 31 items long (gold star to you if you can guess why).

35. I want to make a Bucket List, but I feel that the amazing adventures that life has for me I can’t even predict now and don’t want to restrict the Universe by creating a (restrictive) list.

36. I have another website called


So what do you think? Did you learn anything new? Let me know in the comments below!

Special thank you to Corbett Barr for the inspiration for this post.

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