As you journey on your path to Destiny Discovery, there are essential actions you must take to make sure you are being as productive as possible. Without accomplishing these things you will find yourself going in circles dealing with self sabotage and exhaustion. I don’t want that to be your experience so please read today’s post and take it to heart. Below I outline 3 simple yet essential things that you must do today to get and stay on your path to Destiny Discovery!


Give Yourself Permission 

             You will never get on the path to Destiny Discovery if you don’t give yourself permission. Permission to Dream, Permission to Explore, Permission to Attempt, Permission to be Human and Imperfect. If you don’t give yourself that initial clearance to Just Be and go for your Dreams, nothing else will matter. So take a moment now and just say to yourself,  “I give you permission to discover your dreams and walk in your destiny,” and mean it. With that out of the way you can move on to the next step. Giving yourself permission is an important step and during your journey you are going to have to remind yourself that you have indeed given yourself permission to do this. Congratulations on completing this step!  Let’s move onto the next.


Get Over the Fear of Failure

            Now technically this should already be wrapped up in the  “giving yourself permission stage”, but we know better than that. The fear of failure has a strong enough presence to stand on it’s own.  You just told yourself it is okay to move forward and now the “what ifs” pop up. I am pretty sure that most of your “what ifs” if not all of them can be traced back to the fear of failure. So how do you get rid of the fear? Well…you don’t. You feel the fear and do it anyway. As I talked about in this post, fear actually doesn’t go away. Once you get over the fear of today, more creeps up tomorrow. Don’t let this discourage you! Use that sense of fear as a catalyst to motivate you. When that doubt and uncertainty creep up, know in your heart of hearts you are on the brink of an adventure and dive in with all that you’ve got. You can only grown and learn from the experience. Get over trying to get rid of fear and you will begin living the life of your dreams.

Remember: You Fail 100% of the time when you don’t make any attempt.


Identify What Success Looks Like to You

            Now that you have cleared that mental and emotional muck and mire you are free to start creating, dreaming and visualizing. To do that however, you have to set the parameters on what your ideal situation looks like. What you consider a dream life could be a nightmare to someone else.

The thing is a lot of us have been living someone else’s dream. We have been striving for goals someone else said we should be striving for. A lot of hard work to cross the finish line someone else had drawn on the track. That has got to stop. You have energy and ideas and if you are using those on experiencing things that don’t matter to you, then all that goodness is going to waste.

If your life is currently defined by someone else’s definition of success, stop the car, make a you turn and start down the path of your OWN Desires. When you do this, no matter what happens, you are winning. When you are following your own bliss and the call of your heart, you are living authentically and walking in your Destiny. The world of possibility will open up to you when you begin to honor yourself and your dreams. Make the decision today to define what success means to you.


The Dream Life Script

A tool that can help is writing a Dream Life Script. A Dream Life Script is something that you write in the first person as if what you desire is happening at the present moment. If you wish you could wake up every morning, run out to the ocean and surf for hours, you would write: “I wake up at sun rise, run down to the beach from my beachfront cottage and ride the waves for hours”.  The bigger your dream, the weirder it may feel but it definitely works. I LOVE going back and reading spirals where I keep my scripts, it’s uncanny.

I just did a journal review and I have written so many times, “I live on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of waves crashing, I spend most of my time working with children. I am having daily conversations in Spanish and improving everyday.” When I wrote that I was sitting in a cubicle, in lived far away from the beach and only knew how to say “Hola, Gracias and Adios” in Spanish. Now, what I had written years ago is my current reality. When you write your Dream Life Script you are igniting the magic of the Universe and putting in your specific order to how you would like to see your life. This a powerful tool, so the more detailed and specific you can be, the better.


Action Item: Write, in detail, your Dream Life Script

Below are some questions to help you get started:

What is a typical day like in your dream life?

Who is there?

What activities are you participating in?

What are you experiencing

What has been eliminated from your life?

What has changed from how you used to live?

What thoughts are you having?

Write in the first person and in the present tense and ¡Voila! Magic. Dream Life Scripts are the things testimonies and dreams are made out of!

Please let me know what your experience is when applying these techniques to your life. I would love if you left me a comment below, sent me a Tweet and shared your story on Facebook. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter for updates, inspiration and freebies!


In Love & Light,



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