I hope you’re having fun reading more personal posts about me this month. Today I’m giving you a bit of insight on what makes ME a Mult-Passionate Misfit. So many interests so little time. I hope you enjoy!

If you came over to my house right now and brought the necessary supplies, I could teach you one of the 44 items below, and you would walk away having a new skill or talent. Don’t believe me? Check out the list below and see what you think.

44 Things I Could Teach You Today (Though I’m No Expert)

  1. How to play a simple version of Redemption Song, I’m Yours, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow & Three Little Birds on the guitar
  2. The basics of salsa dancing
  3. How to make bomb homemade enchilladas
  4. How to prepare 10 healthy simple meals
  5. The words to a song in Swahili
  6. The basics of to tap dancing
  7. How to be a good listener
  8. How to make a friendship bracelet
  9. How to fold a shirt perfectly like you work at the Gap
  10. A beginner jazz routine
  11. How to enjoy yoga
  12. How to make sense out of all of your various interests
  13. 5 really effective ice breakers good for any group
  14. How to get children to obey you
  15. How to create a lifestyle for a multi-passionate misfit
  16. How to figure out what you are truly passionate about in life
  17. How to put on the best concert in the shower the world has ever heard
  18. How to banish limiting beliefs you have about your abilities.
  19. The basics on how to set up a website using WordPress
  20. How to create a Facebook profile and page
  21. How to train a dog to sit, stay, & lay down
  22. How to make an effective and powerful Vision Board
  23. A crowd pleasing Broadway routine using just a broom or a paper plate
  24. How to swim
  25.  5 Camp Songs sure to move crowd
  26. How to sew on a button
  27. How to remain loving and patient when being attacked verbally
  28. How to protect your money and cell phone when getting on a crowded bus known for having thieves
  29. How to do two-stranded twists, french braids, and put in braid & twist extensions.
  30. How to unlock dreadlocs
  31. How to change a tire
  32. How to do “The Whop”
  33. How to make a skirt out of pants
  34. How to keep nail polish from getting gummy
  35. How to start a blog that matters
  36. How to make vegan substitutes for several of your favorite dishes
  37. A full length African dance routine
  38. How to build a campfire
  39. How to roller skate
  40. How to bake a delicious cake
  41. How to make just about anything in a toaster oven
  42. How to reframe a negative situation into a positive one
  43. How to make a quick, healthy, easy and delicious (raw) morning smoothies
  44. How to walk in your Destiny

..and that was just a list off of the top of my head! Now, reading this you may have thought, “Well I could teach some of those too…” and that is the very point I am trying to make. Why aren’t you? Now that you have made the decision to live the life of your dreams, it’s time to start to evaluating what skills and interests you have that can be of value to other people. That is the way to spend more time doing what you love, bring value to the lives of other people and begin Walking in Your Destiny.

I am no professional chef, seamstress, dog trainer, musician, metaphysic, yogi, raw foodie, dancer, mechanic, hair stylist or swim instructor at all. However, besides the tongue in cheek item on the list (#17), I really and truly could teach you any and every item on the list. Actually, I could teach you how to put on a good shower concert as well. My point is, we all bring different talents and experience to the table and it ALL has value.

For example, I could teach you basics of tap. I could probably teach you up to an intermediate level in fact. Am I a professional dancer? No, but I have years of experience with tap lessons, recitals and master workshops so I know what I’m doing. I could never step to Savion Glover in a tap battle, but I could take you from not knowing a thing about tap dance to knowing some steps and routines.


Not Every Spends Their Time Learning The Same Thing

Here’s the thing, while you were busy, studying physics, learning HTML or mastering kung fu, I was in tap class. What does that mean? When I need a lesson in physics, someone to code my website or teach me how to chop a block of cement in half, I’m going to be calling You. Why? Because while you may not be in expert in those areas, you know more than me because I was spending my time learning other things.


What Multi-Passionate Misfits Forget

Your array of interests give you a plethora of topics to teach about. That’s an advantage Multi-Passionate people have. What do you already have experience in? What do you find yourself researching a lot? Remember, the activities you fill your day with are different from the next person. If you spend your time educating yourself on a certain topic, or practicing a certain activity, that is something you can teach to a beginner.


Expert Enough

My blog Coach Corbett Barr has a website called Expert Enough, where they celebrate being “a Renaissance Man, or a Jill-of all Trades”. If this is your first time considering the topic of being a teacher to beginners or simply being expert enough in a topic that you are interested in,  I would strongly suggest you take a gander at his website. The idea is you don’t have to be a master or a guru in your area of interest. If you can get good at something then you have something worth while. As long as you know more on a topic than someone else you are in the position to teach. Whether you do it for free or charge, either way you have value to give someone else and you are expert enough to do it.


Put a Price On It

Now, some of those items on my list I know a lot about, so much so I do them professionally. Working with children and adolescents and Destiny Coaching for adults are areas that have gone from simply hobbies or interests to a profession. You can do that same if you delve deep enough into your interests. Once you have years of research on a topic and have spent plenty of time sharing your gifts for free to gain experience, you will get to the stage where you can put a price on your talents and people will pay you to experience them.

This is a fair exchange because, people would rather pay you to know what you know, today, instead of spending years researching and practicing like you did. Why? Because while you were doing all that research and practice, they were learning and practicing something else. Remember? It’s an exchange of energy, knowledge and value.


The Bigger Picture

The whole point is, we are at different levels in different areas at different times in our lives. You don’t have to be a guru to be valuable. Begin thinking about how you bring value to the table and start sharing it more. The world will be better place because of it. If you have super valuable information to share and there is a real need for that information, you can turn that interest into something you do professionally. 🙂

What could you teach me today, even though you’re not an expert? Share in the comments below. You can also join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to sign up for the free newsletter that will be full of insights, VIP opportunities and freebies.

Now about those tap lessons….,



You're In!