Have you reached the end of the month, end of the quarter, end of the year and you haven’t reached your money goal? Feeling like you might as well give up as a result?

Stop the mindset right now sister!! There are still opportunities for you to have a cash infusion or even a cash explosion in your business! 

I’m just going to go through some practical ways you can still enroll, engage, invite and entice your audience resulting in profit for you.

1. Make a personal invitation – now you might already thinking, Jennifer I don’t have an audience or I just started building my audience or what audience? – This is a NO excuses approach actually — because you don’t have to have a formal audience to activate this. Tap into:

    1. People who you know
    2. Folks already in your world
    3. Anyone who could benefit from the work that you do.

How do you reach out? A phone call is most effective, but you can use any method that works for you! You can send a letter, an email, a text or any other way you connect with folks. The main idea is to take action this and actually reach out to someone you know you can help. 

2. Follow up with an inquiry – If someone has inquired about what you do or maybe it’s a post client or an otherwise “hot lead” (to put in the most crass marketing terms), you can follow up with them to see if they’r ready to dive in and get your support by signing up for one of your offers. We’re all busy with so much going on and it’s of service to them if you reach out and let them know how you can help them.

3. Can you host an event real quick? – So this isn’t you putting on a 3-day event and filling the seats, no. This isn’t you doing all the heavy lifting. But do you have the ability to host a paid workshop in two weeks? Can you put on a small cocktail hour that drums up interest in your business? Can you get creative and think of a way you can host an event that will result in either ticket sales or lead to enrollments into an existing offer? If you can create it, this would be a great way to generate a cash infusion in your business in the near future.

4. Can you create a sale or a savings? – Can you think of a special holiday or event happening that you can offer a sale or a savings in honor of this holiday or event. I will say I don’t love you discounting your services, but I do appreciate you adding a bonus or value to what you normally offer for a limited time. What’s coming up soon that would give you a fun excuse to add on a deal, a bonus, or a savings for a limited time that will result in a pop of energy and income for you?

5. Offer VIP Days –  they take one day and they can be a great pop of cash for you. A VIP Days if for that VIP Client who is willing to invest in high-touch attention and fast results. It requires time and attention from you, but it’s done in a day and can lend itself to a generous cash infusion for you.

And there you have it! You can try one or all of these in a layered approach. The main point is, sometimes you have to be more intentional when it comes to generating income for yourself and you business. Remember that you’re in business to help and when you’re paid, that means someone is getting the support, attention, and guidance they need. So go out there and make those sales so that you can be of deep service!

You're In!