When Life is Good it can be Grand! The birds sing, the weathers perfect and baby deer eat oats out of your hand. However, when times are hard that’s when *ish gets Real! I have some good news though, if you figure out how to reframe your situation, you can find the treasure hidden in every circumstance you’re in. Today’s post is going to show you 5 Ways You Can Find Abundance Where You Least Expect It.


It’s the Little Things

When you are going through the storm, you immediately become grateful for Atacames Sunsetthe good times in your life. Maybe the stroll you took last week on that sunny Sunday morning didn’t seem like a big deal, but now during your personal turmoil, you realize you were actually living in your own personal heaven in that moment. When things in your life turn on its head it is then you realize just how Full of Blessings your life really is. That’s great, while you are going through your tough times, reflect on the good times and celebrate the small blessings to shift your Energy from dwelling in the negative to celebrating the positive. By doing this you will start to come out of your stormy disposition and begin to feel the Abundance of Blessings you have in your life.


Hindsight is 20/20

Going through the storm is never easy, but you can make it worth your while. How? Once you come out on the other side and have time to reflect, you can find the lessons that you learned during those trying times. It’s these sparkling life lessons that make you wise, that give you “experience”, which is something that cannot be read in books or bought at the Apple store. These life lessons are the gems that form your character and affect how you interact with the world. Even if you don’t consciously look back on what was learned from a difficult experience you still learn “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. So you see, whether you actively analyze the difficult situation or not, you’re bound to learn a valuable lesson.


 One with God

 If you’re anything like me, you don’t only get stronger in Resilience during a rough patch, but in Spirituality. I know at church the pastor would sometimes say “If some of ya’ll didn’t have hard times you wouldn’t even KNOW God.” Which usually gets a chuckle from the congregation. While that’s an extreme way to say it, a lot of us do dig deep Spiritually during the storm.

Now, I’m not saying take a fair weather attitude and only commune with your Higher Power when you’re in need. If you’re one who forgets the magnitude of God or the magic of the Universe when times are good, I would say you need to check yourself and begin to give sincere thanks for every shining moment in your life. However, I can say during the hardest times in my life, when it’s just me against the world, I’ve been able to lean on the only friend that’s always by my side. The One who always has my back and is everywhere at once and THAT is the Power, Energy, Life Source that I call God.

I give thanks and marvel at the Power of God when things are good, absolutely. Oh but oh, when times are rough, I block out everything and I get very intense about my alignment with God; an intensity that ends up deepening my Spirituality overall.  This isn’t something that happens consciously. I only realized it when I was cleaning out journals and reading entries that I’ve written during times of struggle. I’m always astonished with the wisdom that pours forth in those passages. It’s so evident that I am One with God during those times that I can’t help but give thanks for the valleys in the road.


 In Complaints

 If you find yourself complaining and truly feeling “it’s all bad” stop and analyze what you’re complaining about. I remember a crappy day for me used to involve me grumbling about having to get up early to go to work, being annoyed that I had to get an oil change and losing my patience because I had to sit in traffic.  We can all relate to those real life annoyances. However, hidden in all of those complaints exists an opportunity for gratitude and thanks giving if you just look at it the right way and any opportunity to give thanks is an opportunity to get closer to your Higher Power.

In my example instead of carping about my situation, I could have rejoiced in the fact that I woke up to see another sunrise, that I had a job, that I had a car and that I had time IN my car to listen to music, catch up with friends, or have some precious ME time; which is exactly how I look at those circumstances now. Complaining of being overweight? Give thanks for an abundance of food!  You MacBook isn’t running as fast as it use to? Do I even need to spell it out? When you reframe your complaints into Blessings nothing can stop you. The Abundance of your life will become evident and undeniable. The very things that used to depress you, annoy you or drain your energy can now be catalysts for your happiness and your attitude of gratitude.


Take Inventory

Speaking of an Attitude of Gratitude brings us to our next technique to use when you’re feeling up against the world. When times are tough and you feel like there is no hope, I suggest you make a Gratitude list. A gratitude list is just what it sounds like,  a list of everything you are grateful for in your life. I like doing this right before I go to bed or when I wake up. This should be an on going practice, but it’s most helpful when you feel like there is nothing positive happening in your world. If you are really stretched for things to be grateful for, you can always start with the things you may take for granted, such as:

  1. I Give Thanks for how easy it was to take my first breath this morning.
  2. I Am Grateful that I woke up today with nothing but Possibility in front of me.
  3. Grateful for a sound mind to even think these thoughts.
  4. Thank You for the Awareness that by being in an Attitude of Gratitude I am improving my circumstance right at this second.

If you have 10 fingers, give thanks for that, if you have 8 working fingers give thanks for that! If you  have no arms give thanks for you legs, your eyes, and if you have all of your appendages, then you need to be Grateful for that. Really, truly and sincerely Grateful! There are things we take for granted in life that we don’t even think about day to day. I find when I am at low point and have to think of things like, my working knees and sane mind, I realize I have SO MUCH to be Grateful for, and even if things are dismal I am actually in a position to overcome and achieve greatness. You are too, now, tomorrow and always.

So you see, we can come from a place of Lack and Scarcity or we can find the Abundance in every situation both positive or seemingly negative.


Now it’s your turn:

What are the techniques you use to feel better when times are rough? 

Are you able to give thanks for the little things in your life?

How do you go about learning Life Lessons after a difficult situation?

Do you find that you dig deep Spiritually during the challenging times?

Are you able to see the Blessings hidden in Complaints?

Do you make a Gratitude list?

What did I miss?


Please share below in the comments.


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