Today we are going to be talking about a super easy technique you can use to get yourself motivated, feeling like a rock star and ready to conquer the world!

Who wouldn’t want that!?

This exercise is an effective and simple way to go from tired to Inspired and you can use it at any time in your life. It’s a technique I call a “Success List”.  A Success List is a document you create to chronicle your past successes. On this list you can put things that you consider both big and small successes, in fact I encourage that. Washing dishes when you said you would is just as valid as completing a complicated project at work. I also encourage you to get old fashioned with it, take out a pen and paper to create your list. Sure, you can run through this list mentally, but when you write it down it is much more powerful. This exercise should be an enjoyable relaxing activity. So grab a cup of your favorite beverage, a quiet corner of the world and get to it. Before you write this off as something that is too rudimentary to work, below I give you 3 Solid Reasons Why A Success List Works.



Being Mentally & Physically Engaged = Power Visualization

Recalling the events and then writing them down is an extremely powerful exercise. When you are remembering the events of the past you are exercising your brain. When the successful moment comes to you, you see it as a picture in your brain. It’s as if you are watching a movie, you see the picture, you feel how you felt at that time, and you’re fully engaged in the moment. That is a form of visualization. By visualizing the event and feeling how you felt when it happened you will be attracting similar events to happen to you and draw more of those good feelings into your present reality.

You really get your senses involved and kick your manifesting into gear when you write down what you visualized. Now you are recalling the event in your mind, physically writing it down and describing what images you see playing out on the movie screen of your mind and at the same time you are reading with your eyes what you are writing. By being that involved in the creative process you are making yourself a powerful magnet for more experiences like the one you are envisioning.


Hard Evidence of your Greatness

Another reason why making a Success List works is because you will have hardcore evidence of your greatness. After going through the creative process of visualizing and recording everything on paper, in your journal or even on the computer (if you must) you will have a list in front of you that is a chronicle of all the wonderful things you have achieved. Once it’s written down you are able to examine your life more objectively. If you find yourself saying “I’ve done nothing with my life”, or “I have done nothing but wasted time” or, “Everyone else is making a difference in the world except for me” or anything along those lines, this list will change your view.

At times we tend to talk in extremes and absolutes. Using words, like never, always, nothing and everybody, add power to our argument, but normally are not accurately used.  When you say, “I have done nothing with my life”, how accurate is that really? You have done nothing?, Absolutely nothing at all? That would be a task in and of itself if that were true, as it is near impossible to move throughout your days without having an impact on the world in some way. When you say, “everyone is clear on the their life’s direction but me”, really? Everyone? Every last person on the planet?  How logical is that, really? When we feel these things emotionally, we make statements like that to express how desperate we feel. The danger is those statements feel true for us, when in reality they are not.

When we make our list of our accomplishments it allows us to get a better view of ourselves and our world, how it really is. You may feel that you have accomplished nothing in your life and that everyone is doing better than you and you are always behind everyone else in life, but your Success List will tell a different more accurate story.  You will be able to see in black & white exactly what you have done and how the statements you have been telling yourself are Untrue. You will see that while maybe you wish you have done more, it’s a lie to tell yourself you have done nothing. The paradox is the more you tell yourself you’ve done nothing, the more disempowered your will feel which will lead to a permanent state of in action and lack of motivation, and that can result in you doing absolutely nothing. So, your success list, even if it is 3 items long, is essential in you accomplishing more of the results you desire by acknowledging what you have actually done.


Builds your Self Esteem

Now that you have visualized your success and accepted that you have done a lot more in your life than you have previously given yourself credit for, your self-esteem is going to shoot through the roof. By having a document of all of your accomplishments you will feel more capable of more future accomplishments. On your list you will have examples of challenges you overcame that you probably thought were impossible to overcome at the time. These examples are great, because you get to see how resilient you are and how you operate in the time of adversity. Just recalling those incidents and reading them over and over, you slowly but surely build confidence in your abilities to overcome any challenge. The Success List is a powerful tool that way. You are simply writing stuff that you yourself have done, no one else, and by simply recalling your history, you are able to build your own self-confidence. How is that for self-sufficiency! With this new found confidence you are more likely to put yourself out there to take action and make a difference which the whole world can benefit from.


You can create all different kinds of Success Lists. You can make one for just the month, for the first half of the year or a Greatest Hits edition. It’s up to you. The point is having a record of your accomplishments helps pull you out of your funk when you get stuck in the pits of inaction and lack motivation.

Your Turn:

Give this technique a try and let me know how it goes for you. You can tell me all about your results in the comments below


Happy list making!






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