Oh, this journey of personal development can be a doozy can’t it? You read the books and the blogs, you attend the retreats and seminars, you dive deep and look inside and the journey really never ends.


Recently, it became clear to me that even though in this year alone I’ve spoken at conferences, workshops and seminars, have just about every social media platform and update my blog and newsletter on a regular basis…

I was hiding out.


You know how, to the public something can appear one way, but deep down you know your truth?


Since I work with people like you who are multi-talented and tend to shine really bright, your 60% effort looks like someone else’s 100% and that allows you to “hide” in plain sight.

Don’t get me wrong, this was totally hanging out in my blindspot, until the realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I realized that even though I have the gift of gab, and even though I kept telling myself to “do videos”, I allowed some negative feedback from one person keep me putting myself out there in a way that is most challenging, yet most in alignment with me and how I roll.


So what did I do the instant I got this awareness?


I followed the three tips I share with you below, and I suggest that you do the same.


  1. Told someone I trust. It came up for me a morning I was meeting my Mastermind sister, so I came clean, quick. It was painful, I was scared (like trembling scared) and she both gave me a safe place to land…then whipped out her calendar to hold me accountable (do you have rockstars like this in your life? If you don’t, please know I’m in your corner!)


  1. Don’t talk about it be about! Thought without action is dead. I had to get into action and do the thing that I had been scared to do. Plus, I got clear on what was tripping me up and now I know how to frame it, so what used to scare me now fuels me. I share more insights on that in the video below.  


  1. Set yourself up for success. Instead of making one video, I made three, for the moment I lose momentum, get negative feedback, lose energy whatever #lifehappens. I put in enough work upfront to ensure I stick to my goals during the inevitably changing seasons of my life. I’ve also set up accountability channels so that even if I want to back peddle or start shrinking, I have people and structures in place that won’t allow that to happen.

Want more insights on how to apply these ideas? Watch the video below

I’d love to hear from you.

What’s been stopping you from putting yourself out there, and what will you do differently starting today?


Until next time…


Jennifer 🙂

You're In!