Welcome, welcome!  So today I just want to hit you with a little something-something, you don’t even have to take notes, it’s just a little nugget to carry you through your day.

So I already know something about you because you’re watching or listening to this right now. You’re most likely an empath, someone that really feels other people’s energies, right? Which means that you probably tend to be very compassionate, and maybe you’re most likely a people-pleaser at times.

And what I also know about you is most likely you have a vision or a mission, an idea, and it requires you to put yourself out there in some way. And because you are so sensitive and receptive to energies of other people, you’re sensitive to their thoughts, their vibration, right? And so, more so than other people, it really might feel painful for you to have to put your heart and soul out there because you don’t know how it would be received.

So I want to share a quote with you that highlights something very interesting that can really help you get over the fear of putting yourself out there because you’re worried about what other people would think. So here’s that quote: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. And small minds discuss people.” And that quote’s by Eleanor Roosevelt.

So again, a quote that you may or may not have heard before, but it’s a pretty popular quote. But what I really want to focus on for today is the last part about small minds that discuss people, because who represents these small minds?

It’s the gossipers, it’s the criticizers, it’s maybe the haters, whatever you want to call it. I just want to focus on the fact that you’re concerning yourself with those small minds. You’re concerned about what the people who discuss people are going to say about you. And you’re letting the small minds and the small thinkers dictate whether or not you put your magic out into the world. And that just can’t be.

Are you really willing to sacrifice getting your message out into the world to appease these small thinkers that are going to probably criticize you anyway? I don’t think so.

The truth is, people are going to criticize you no matter what. You’re going to get criticized where you are right now, and you’re going to get criticized when you are putting yourself out there. So you might as well follow the calling of your heart and just put yourself out there, because the great thing about it is the people that really, really resonate with you and love your ideas, they will be discussing your ideas and the change you’re bringing about, and not just discussing you and being a hater.

Just concern yourself with the people who are about your great ideas, who are about positive change, who are about solutions. And don’t worry about the criticizers and those small minds who are just concerned with discussing people.

So now I would love to hear from you.

  • Where in your life, up until this point, have you stopped yourself from putting yourself out there due to the fear of what other people might think of you?
  • And what are you going to do starting today to start putting yourself out there in a bigger way?

I would love to hear from you. So leave a comment below and just remember to stay the course, stay encouraged, and shine on, sista.

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