This is a text I got from one my of my wonderful clients as I headed out the door for an afternoon jog last week.


“Big News!! I put in my notice at the day job today.

I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and even though I knew I wanted to book two more weddings before I made this move… I took a deep breath…and I gave notice with the last day of Dec 23rd.


Then…guess what??? When I got home two weddings were booked and paid!!


Boom! And just like that she went from dreaming of quitting her job to making it her reality.


This isn’t magic, this isn’t internet hype but it’s not rocket science either. My client followed my proven signature system that lead her straight to the path of success.


As, we know, strategy alone, won’t always get you there, which is why support is so important. With that in mind, I wanted to share something with you that would help you no matter where you are in your journey. So, I identified the 7 specific steps she took that helped her reach her goal so swiftly.



Would you like to know the 7  steps she followed to go from day job to dream?


Today I’ll share with you the first four, since the post got long as the information just flowed. (Click here to ensure you’re amongst the first to see next week’s post)


Here are the 7 Specific Steps Of How My Client Went From Day Job to Dream:


  1. Got the Support She Needed:


Her first and best move was hiring me!  Seriously. Where you are in your life and business is only as far as you can go alone. If you’re ready to go to the next level, you have to get the support, knowledge, and expertise from someone who has been there and done it for themselves.


Too many people try to go it alone because they’re are smart, ambitious and determined to make it work, but you can only take yourself so far alone. Anyone you can think of who is great in their field has a coach by their side guiding them to greatness every step of the way. If you’re ready to truly step up and get the support that you need to make your dreams come true, let’s have a chat and see how I can help you.


Note: In all seriousness, I’m not at all attached to who you hire as a coach. My attachment is to that you decided that you will get help and support. No more Lone Wolf Syndrome, no more spinning your wheels, no more going in circles taking more time to “just figure it out” on your own.


Just imagine had you gotten the support you needed this year you could have also quit your day job in 2016, like my clients have. If you’re really ready to make moves, there’s no time like the present!


  1. She Did The Work:


Yes, she got support and also this woman stays in action. She’s getting in front of her potential clients, she’s having conversations, she’s setting up her systems and she’s making sure people know how to hire her! It’s not a magical Instagram algorithm (that has changed again!) it’s simply consistent and aligned action that is a crucial step in this process.


  1. Kept Her Eye On The Prize:


This is why getting clear on your Vision is so important, it’s what I cover in depth in my online course and it’s such a crucial step. You need to know what you want, what’s your end goal and why.  Otherwise, you’re just chasing an idea, or a dollar amount which is totally UNinspiring.


  1. Took Inspired Action:


Inspired action is that action that feels good, it comes from an inspired place. It’s like your typical “to do” but with sprinkles and glitter. An inspired action doesn’t always make sense… it doesn’t always seem like the next linear move. You get inspired action from your gut and it’s  intrinsically tied to your Vision. I help my clients tie their today action with their Vision that they see as far off in the future. When you take inspired action you’re pulled along by your Vision and don’t get confronted with a ton of resistance. #Winning


I’ll share the rest with you next week, but I already hope you’re feeling encouraged and fired up! If you’ve been hemmin’ and hawin’ about diving into a course, hiring a coach or taking things to the next level in your life and business, I’m here to tell you Now.Is.The.Time!! 2016 has been a cra-azy year and the world needs your special gifts, talents and magic! If you don’t know how to bring it out into the world, find someone who can support you with that task.


Repeat after me:

I’m leaving Lone Wolf Syndrome in 2016

I will get support, so I can skyrocket to the next level

The world needs my magic and I promise not to shrink or hide out anymore


Well done! If you need help getting clear on your next best step, connect with me, so we can create your 2017 Action Plan!


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P.S. Stay tuned next week for Part II where I share the remaining steps!

You're In!