Okay, so I have a confession. I’ve started playing Candy Crush again. Look, if you haven’t played it before you don’t photo (3)understand the addictive qualities it has! When I first learned about it… maybe two years ago now, I uninstalled it from my phone a week later. It’s all I wanted to play and I actually felt very tempted on many occassions to speand $0.99 to buy a boost or get more lives. That.is.ludacris!

Well, I’m back at it. I have a lot more self control this time, but it’s still an addictive game. However, I realized something playing it. When you beat a level in one try it’s awesome because you have a limited number of lives and you’re grateful you didn’t lose one trying to beat the level. However, when it takes you a lot of turns to to beat a level it’s down right exhilarating. I find myself audibly cheering, fist pumping or doing a victory dance when it takes me several lives to win.

Is it that Candy Crush is that much fun? No! (in fact it’s so embarrassing when I’m Wahoo-ooing over a win.) What makes the victory so sweet (tee hee) is the fact that it wasn’t an easy win. It took determination, a sharp mind and persistence to cross the goal line.

So how does this relate to you? Well think about it. Is there something you really want to obtain or acheive and it’s getting you down because you haven’t gotten it yet? Maybe as the end of the year draws near you’re feeling even more angst because, “when is it going to happen!?”.

Well, my message to you is this.Stay the course, keep striving for your dreams, because when you finally move to the next level the victory is going to be that much sweeter

Here’s what I want you to do, instead of getting all sour about your dreams, write out a description of how sweet it will be when you achieve your goal. Write out how you will feel, what you’ll see, who is around etc. Be as detailed as possible and feel free to share what you come up with in the comments below. I’m already salivating just thinking of it!!

Keep up the good work I know you’re going to crush it 😉



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