The internet is such a buzzy place right now, isn’t it!?

Just last week I was in an online business group reading about people trying to stay consistent with their content online. No matter their best efforts, they simply couldn’t find joy creating content or doing it consistently.

Right now folks (and this may be you too) are worried they have to point at the air or dance around to create the kind of content their potential clients crave.

One commenter even said, if you’re not doing TikTok your business will fail!

Of course that’s not true — we’ve all been doing business just fine before TikTok thankyouverymuch.

But it got me thinking, there are a lot of folks online making these big claims and then hopeful business owners hear that and start to feel like no matter what they do they won’t reach their ideal customers.

Have you ever felt that way?

Maybe you’ve already tried it all:

  • Spent hours creating IG Stories, only for them to disappear in 24 hours
  • Or created clever TikTok videos or reels using the trending audio — only for it to still not go viral (as promised)
  • Or maybe you simply want to send out your newsletter on a regular basis and you can’t even seem to manage that!

While all of that may be true, please know it’s not evidence that you’re not meant for this.

No, it simply means you’re working against your natural rhythms, skills, talents, and abilities.

Tell me this, what would it look like & feel like to market yourself in a way that felt authentic to you?

I want you to grow as a result of even reading these words, so I have some ideas to help you out.

Here’s are a few things you can try to get back on track with your marketing and content creation:

1) Stop following all the #trends – it’s keeping you exhausted and making you insecure and you’re not insecure! You know what you’re doing and you have something amazing to offer that people actually need.

2) Work in a way that highlights your greatest abilities, gifts, and skills – I’m sure you can see how that in and of itself would be effective AND a confidence booster.

3) Join the Done & Done Workshop – this workshop is designed to not only help you create a year’s worth of content in one workshop, but you’re going to learn the ways that are best suited to YOU to become an effective, confident, consistent content creator. If you’re ready to powerfully create your content, click here to register for the workshop and I can’t wait to welcome you in!

No matter what, please know that no one is you and that’s your superpower! When you show up and shine as the best version of you — you, my friend, are irresistible!

Keep on going, you got this,

P.S. Sometimes taking the time just for you is what you need to get things complete. In Done & Done we’ll be taking time out just for you to map out and create your year’s worth of client-attracting content! You in? Click here to join us!

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