Just checking on ya to see how you’re holding up these days!

With the virus scares, social distancing mandates, what’s a world-changing, soul-centered woman supposed to do!?

You may find that a lot doesn’t have to change for you if you work from home, OR your world has been turned upside down with schools closing and businesses closing their doors.

To survive and even thrive, during these trying times, here are some things you can do – to make it through.

Dig deep into your self-care. If you’re like me (oh hi!) who constantly has to build her “self-care” muscle, these days it’s beyond evident that it’s imperative that we take care of ourselves. We can stay in, get some rest, boost our immune systems and hydrate! Even if you “don’t believe the hype”, couldn’t we all use some of the deep R&R and self care.

Now that you’re feeling restored of course you can now be the leader of your community so many look to you to be. Whether that’s your immediate family, your online community, your friends, or whoever else you surround yourself with. Reach out, check in, find out who needs what and how you can share resources. Sometimes we complain about living in the digital age and yet, that’s what’s helping us right now!

Speaking of, use these online tools for good! I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I’ve built a business online, work virtually, and have set up multiple streams of income for myself. My days look the same except I’m working more out of my home office than my downtown office, but beyond that I’m still holding client sessions and serving my community. Yes, the parties are getting canceled so my social calendar isn’t full but again, see point #1, we can all use some down time and R&R anyway!

I know these times bring about fear around financials so here’s how you can keep the flow circulating to keep the economy alive and to keep the good mojo flowing.

 If you’re able, keep your memberships viable (as much as I wanted to quit my gym this month I’m not), and use those delivery apps! Just be sure you tip as well so industries don’t have to shut down and you get the services you need.

Resource share, if you have an abundance of something that you can spare and your neighbor needs something. Let’s circulate and not cut off, this isn’t the end of days there will be more of everything we need. (note: We have a healthy obsession with Costco so we already had enough toilet paper + we have a bidet, so if you need a roll, let me know!)

Support Small Businesses! This is how you can have such a profound impact. You’ll be keeping someone’s livelihood afloat just by buying what you need. Pro Tip: The big chains have empty shelves but the mom & pops are fully stocked – help yourself and help them all at the same time. This can also go for small online businesses as well. When the economy restricts we all feel it, so anytime you’re making a purchase, just ask yourself, “can I get this from a small business?”, your dollars will go a long way!



Now, if you’re thinking, “I’m a small business and I’m trying to stay viable and go to the next level.”

I have something special I want to invite you to!

In light of all that’s happening I’m opening the doors to something I usually only invite my current clients to.

Every quarter I host a training on what my clients need support with next. On March 25th, I’m hosting a Quarterly Intensive and I want to open the doors to you, so that you feel supported.


We’ll be talking about:

  • Answering your calling and how to monetize your soul-centered desires
  • How to create multiple streams of income from what you already know (this is what is saving me financially right about now)
  • How to step into the next best version of you (the world needs her now more than ever!)
  • Plus, whatever you need support with, since this is an interactive training and I base it off of what you need.


I’ll share more details about it later if you need ’em, but if you know you’re ready to stop being thrown off by the craziness of the world and are ready to have control of your destiny and prosperity, here’s how you can do that in 3 easy steps (be sure you read all three so you don’t miss the code!)


1. Register

Click here to register for the Intensive + gain immediate access to the Soul-Centered Business Creator course (I’ve done my best to make this as doable as possible, so it’s an easy ‘yes’ if you feel this is for you.)


2. Enter the code

Enter the code: B3W3LL (that’s how you’ll redeem the huge savings I’m extending to you during this difficult time.)


3. Join the private community

Once you’re registered, you’ll be invited to join the private Facebook group, where the training will be happening, we’ll also have a recording after the event for you to keep to review forever!

It’s my sincere hope this all helps you navigate this tricky time. I believe in you and I’m absolutely here for you if I can help in any way! If you have any questions at all, just send us a message here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Wishing you all the best,


P.S. It’s important that you feel supported and taken care of, so I’m offering to help the best way I know how. March 25th, I’m hosting an exclusive training that I typically only invite mey clients to. If learning how to create multiple streams of income in your business would be beneficial to your right about now, I’ve created this irresistible offer for you that I hope you’ll take me up on!


You're In!