Today we’re talking all about how to create a decade that you desire!

I’m sure you’ve done all of the year-end review, the decade in review and really looked at:

  • what didn’t work
  • what did work
  • what you’re going to keep into the new year
  • what cannot come into 2020 everything
  • And everything  you’re leaving behind


You’ve done all the work and congratulations by the way, because not everyone’s willing to dig deep, do a review of their year and put in the hard work. 


You really want to go into this year and even the next 10 years, really intentionally and mindfully. So now it’s really time to dig deep into what you’re really feeling into to the next year, the next five years, and even the next 10 years. 


There’s a famous quote that says, “we tend to overestimate what we can do in a year, but we tend to underestimate what we can do in 10 years”


So, this really is the perfect time to open the year considering the decade that you truly desire to have unfold in your life. 


This is super important. 


If you’re reading this because you’re probably a big heart-centered entrepreneur, you care about change in the world and so I’m interested in you really getting clear on what you really want to see for yourself and in your life and in your business and in the world over the next 10 years. 


Without considering this, you’re just kind of going day by day, not really working towards a Vision. So that’s what we’re going to get really clear on today. 


Common Challenges To Watch For


Now while it sounds fun and dreamy, I know that this can be actually quite challenging because dreaming the next big dream, especially when you’re thinking 10 years out there feels like there is so much potential there!


What I see when I teach my workshops or even have my private clients, is that when you are heart-centered and you’re really concerned with the world and you want to create positive change in the world, to really dream the big dream feels intimidating!


You almost might feel like if I really say what I want to create in the world, it just feels too big and I’d rather not even go there.


I also see people waiting on the green light. They’re kind of waiting to be chosen. They’re even waiting on permission to dream, which of course this is your permission to dream. I’m giving it to you right now. But if in the past you haven’t really thought about this or haven’t really gone there and your desires, I’m giving you the green light, I’m giving you permission to dream because again, it’s really important to know what’s the lighthouse, what’s the North star, what are you working towards so that you can take intentional steps to get you there. 


The last place I see people get this really confused or mess it up is being really super clear on what you don’t want.


So what does that look like? 


Complaining, commiserating, and talking so much and giving so much energy and attention to what you don’t like. It could be what you don’t like, what’s happening currently in your life or what you know, you don’t want to happen in the future. But let me tell you from experience that doesn’t get you anywhere and it just has you cycle in the same pain point over and over. 


My Story


So a little bit of background on me, my history is that I went from job to job year after year, looking for my passion and trying to find something that I enjoyed that really married my head in my heart. 


I have a background in sales and marketing and I just wanted to use those skills for good and it really wasn’t until I got clear on what I really did want versus going to lunch with my friend and talking about how I felt like a cog and big corporate machine.


When I started to dwell on what I wanted and thought to myself, “you know, I want to use my head, my training, and my skills. I want to use my heart, I love volunteering and I love teaching. I love giving and  I want to travel, I want to impact lives, particularly the lives of women and children…”..that’s when things started to change for the better.


That is how I ended up going to Ecuador for three years and teaching business development for single mothers who were entrepreneurs in their own right and teaching them bookkeeping and other business development skills and developing small businesses around their neighborhood. 


I also worked with orphan youth who didn’t have another option other than to go into the entrepreneurial space to create a means of livelihood for themselves. 


So I wouldn’t have had that amazing opportunity had I not changed my thinking, perspective, and outlook. Even today, working with women entrepreneurs who are taking their dreams out of their heads and hearts and into the world all came from that essential change in perspective.


Here’s How You Can Apply This To YOUR Life


That’s why I really encourage you to get off of thinking about what you don’t want and get really clear on what you do want. But I’m not going to leave you hanging theere. I have some prompts for you that will really help you get there. Okay? So this is what you want to do instead. This is what I teach in my workshops and with my private clients. 


I go through a whole process but for the sake of brevity for today, I’m just going to bring you to one of the most important points. And this is what I want you to get clear on today. So as you go, even throughout this year, you’re already gonna have set your intention and your goal and your vision that’s going to help propel you forward. 


Like I said before, you’re likely an entrepreneur yourself or you have a dream, you have a mission, you have a purpose or a soul-centered business you want to launch or you’re already launched in your business.


Most of my clients and audience are women. So I will be speaking to you from that place. 


When you think about what you desire, when it comes to your life and business, why does it have to be successful? What’s the why behind why you want to create something amazing in the world to begin with? 


“(S)He who has a why to live can bear almost any how” –  Nietzsche


Here are some examples of what that may look like:

You want to make enough money and have enough time, freedom to spend time with your family.  A lot of my clients want to spend time with their partners and with their children. 


OR You want to just have enough time and money to really invest in your self-care. 


Maybe you’re like me and you want to travel the world and have a global impact. There are no wrong answers here! 


What’s important is getting clear on what the heck is it? Cause if you don’t land on it, you’ll be swept up in the day to day. There’s so much to do. And if you don’t consider what you desire, then the world will just flood all of their needs on you. If you don’t even know what you desire first, then again, you’ll be inundated, fulfilling other people’s requests and never having any of your own. 

Go ahead and dare to dream so that you can create the decade that you desire!


How To Go From Dream To Reality


Now, one of my superpowers is being a visionary and then also very grounded. I’m into vision boards and spreadsheets all at the same time. And that’s something that I bring to the table when I work with my clients as well. So now that we’ve done the big vision part, it’s time to anchor it into something real.


Pop Quiz: What touches every part of our lives? 


Well, that is money and finances, of course! So when you think about what was the why behind why you want your business to be successful and why you want your life to be full and rich and what you wanted to look like, there is a financial component to that that you may or may not have considered. You can really anchor it into reality when you think about what would it cost to fund whatever the dream is.


So, for example, if you want to be able to travel, do a girl’s trip every quarter. Say that’s part of your why. You want to really enrich in your women’s circles, then what would that cost? What does that look like? What does the plane tickets look like? What would the hotel look like? Where would you want to go? Get really specific. 


A lot of times what my clients find when they do this exercise is that it’s very doable and it’s so within reach, but even if it’s huge out of this world, amazing, big now, you know, and now you know what you’re working towards. 


This exercise really helps anchor it into reality. So go ahead and write down what a dollar amount of what it would cost to bring your dream to life.  What would you need to earn? What would your business need to be generating so that you can live into that next reality?


Your Next Best Steps


Now, of course, if you’d like more support, I’m here for you and totally have you back. You can start getting clear on your soul-centred vision and begin building your fulfilling soul-centred business, when you join the Soul-Centered Business Creator program. You can also work hand in hand with me via one of my high touch coaching programs, that you can find here. 


No matter what you choose,  keep an eye on this space as I’ll be covering more on this topic in the upcoming weeks.




You're In!