There’s a way for you to stop the complaining that is occurring in your life, plus defeat self-sabotage and the story I shared my last post has everything to do with that. If you haven’t read it be sure to check it out now.

When we parted ways on Monday we were talking about the two different ways you can elicit change within yourself.

Those two ways were:


1) Increase the pain of the current situation.


 2) Decrease the fear of the desired situation.


How do you increase the pain of a situation?

As human beings we are extremely adept at accepting what is, even if we are not happy. We lie to ourselves, downplay our misery and commiserate with friends. All of this enables us to stay on our nail, moaning and groaning but never taking action to just get off of it. The best way to increase the pain of a situation is to get HONEST with yourself.


Ask yourself:


Am I truly happy right now? 


Will I be happy with my life if I’m in the same place this time next year?


Will I be pleased with my life if I’m in the same position 5 years from now?


10 years from now? 20 years from now?


What will I be losing by NOT making the necessary changes in my life?


What part of my happiness am I sacrificing staying on this track in life?


What’s more painful, making mistakes or living a life of regret?


2 Things will happen when you are really and truly Honest with yourself.

1)   You will realized that you are really not as miserable as you were making your life out to be. Sure you don’t like your boss, but really that’s it. You actually love your job, you love your life situation and you were just being dramatic. If that’s the case, Stop complaining and count your blessings. Figure out ways to improve on the few things that are a thorn in your side and remove them. Things aren’t as bad as you were making them out to be. Start focusing on the good instead and improve the few negative annoyances you are experiencing.

2)   The other thing that can happen is you realize you are way more miserable than you even realized. More than that, you will be highly disappointed in your life outcome if you continue down the path you’re on. This is good news too, because now you’re clear on where you are in your life and this puts you in a position of power. You now have the power to decide the course of your life and design it exactly how you want it to go. Oh, and don’t forgot to count your blessings in this situation either!

Your Turn:

  • Write down your responses to the questions above.
  • Share in the comments any insights you gained on where you’d be in the future if you continued on the path you’re on now.
  • What are other ways you could “increase pain” in your circumstance, to help spring you into action?

You're In!