I present to you the…

Destiny Discoveries Manifesto!!!!!

Destiny Discoveries Manifesto

Destiny Discoveries is here to keep you Inspired, continue to be Encouraged, and to Live a Life of Passion! Here, we want you to stay Driven, Persistent, Determined & Motivated. If you don’t know everything, that’s okay, Bloom Where You Are Planted and Bust a Move! Take Inspired Action to Make Magic happen in Your Life. Remember that You are Enough, right Now and You can Choose Your Own Adventure. Just Enjoy the Journey.

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Feel free to share this Manifesto with anyone and please link it back to the website so I can feel the love πŸ™‚ I want to thank Cobett Bar and Holstee for the inspiration and Inspired CampingΒ for the extra help.

Action Item: In the comments, share 3 statements in from the Manifesto that really resonate with you and why. I look forward to hearing from you! xoxo
Here’s to living the life of your Dreams,






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