Hi Sista!

Checking in on you as there’s been a ton going on in the world and I know you feel it all!

How’s your heart? How’s your energy? How’s your spirit holding up?

Spring has sprung in the US which brings the energy of decluttering, cleaning out, and blossoming anew.

While that sounds like it’s all roses, decluttering can kick up a lot of emotional dust.

I’ve been detoxing, decluttering, and cleaning things out mind, body, spirit, environment etc. It’s definitely felt like an upheaval but a necessary one.

As we can tell from the news, there are systems and institutions in place that are not set up to protect your peace, so for now you’ve got to do it for yourself.

I’m here to give you permission to protect your energy, to protect your peace, to protect your spirit and be made whole again.

Whatever you need to do to do that. Do IT!

Rarely are we told to do such things for ourselves, so if no one else has urged you to Do You and be committed to your peace, sanity, and sovereignty — I’m telling you to!

If this world is going to heal and get better, I know that YOU being your full whole, grounded, thriving self is essential to the greater good.

If you’d like to share with me what you’re going to do to protect your peace, I’d LOVE to hear it. Just leave us a comment and share.

If this all sounds interesting to you but you don’t even know where to begin (because #noonegivesuspermissiontodothis), hit reply and we can brainstorm some solutions together.

Here in your corner in support of your wellness.


You're In!