I see this all over the interwebs and it perplexes me every time.


“Book a session with me. Pitch free, no strings attached!”


“Join my 60 minutes pitch free webinar!”


“Come to my weekend workshop, pitch free, no selling guaranteed”


This totally confuses me and I know it’s something women entrepreneurs struggle with a ton.


Now, my clients consist of world changers, do-gooders and the quintessential humanitarians of the world. People hire me to help them turn their passion into profit and create a heart-centered business.


Translation: My clients and fellow lady bosses are not selling widgets, gadgets and get rich quick schemes.


Quite the contrary.


What they’re offering are solutions to people’s deepest problems. They’re offering transformations, freedom and real positive change. They’re selling and making a living off of making the world a better place to live.


So then, why would anyone want to attend a “pitch free” event of yours?


Does that mean although you offer a solution that can change people’s lives…you’re not going to let people know about it?


So people are going to sit and learn from you all weekend and then you’re not going let them know how they can work with you more intimately?


You’re going to gather a group for an online event and then leave them hanging with only their notebook and ideas?


Why is that?

What’s really going on there?

If you’re like many coaches, healers and heart centered entrepreneurs, you don’t want to “sell” because you feel like you’re being pushy, salesy and slimy.


Well sweetness, that couldn’t be further from the truth!


What you’re actually selling is freedom, pleasure, transformation and world changing solutions.


AND by not offering the transformation you provide to the people who are hungry for a change, you’re actually robbing them of the chance to get their situation remedied.



It’s like you telling them, “NO” before you’ve even given them options.


It’s like stealing from the very people who need you the most!


It’s like having bestest, most yummiest cupcakes in the world…


…and you don’t tell a soul about them (greedy much!?)

–Okay, I’m kidding on the greedy cupcake bit…but seriously think about it sister, you have a LOT of yumminess to offer, do you not?


Is there a way to go about making your offer so that you don’t come off salesy? Yes.

(If you’d like to have someone hold your hand through that process, I teach all about it at length in my online training program, book a time to talk if you need support in that area.)


Even if you don’t go through any further training other than reading this blog, please keep the following in mind:


  • What you have to offer the world MATTERS
  • There is a population of people praying for the solution/transformation you provide
  • When you sell, you’re actually making an offer from you heart to the heart of your potential client.
  • Come from a place of service and you won’t come across as salesy or pushy (because you’re not being salesy or pushy.)
  • You can’t control what people think of you, all you can do is control your actions, so come from a place of genuine love, service and sharing and you can never go wrong.


So, I hope from here on out you will rid your vocabulary of “pitch free” promises.


Pitch your promise if you have a solution to offer.

Mention your magic if you have something that will change lives (and you DO!)

Tell ‘em about your transformation and knock their socks off with how dedicated you are to making a positive impact!


Now it’s YOUR TURN!


Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing your candid yet respectful response! 🙂

You're In!