Hey my darling world changer,

I know you’re like me and feel the effects of yet another tragedy happening in our precious world.

It puts my belly in knots, my heart in pieces and at times I can feel the optimism draining from my body.

But thank God, that whisper, that nudge, that deep soul level WHY — sometimes as subtle as a butterflies wing, brushes up next to my ear and says, “you can do this, you must do this, the world needs you.”

And I know it’s true.

I also know the same is true for you.

Whatever that thing is that sets your heart a-flutter that really means something to you.
THAT thing is important, it’s a gift and it’s meant to be shared with the world.

More than ever, folks like us need to rise up and use our gifts for good!

Now, when you’re putting something out there that’s straight from your heart it can feel vulnerable and it’s easy to get stuck.

No worries, sis, I got your back.

In today’s video, I take my time to give you 4 ways to get unstuck and seriously moving on your mission.

There’s a heart to these things, there’s a psychology behind it and there are elements you may not have considered. I cover it all in today’s video.

Watch the video now, because at this point, time is of the essence.

I feel so lucky to be in your corner cheering you on. Thank you for allowing me to walk shoulder to shoulder with you as you continue on this journey.

You got this world changer, you really do, now  go out there make a difference!


You're In!