I love a good challenge.

I love trying something new and my latest challenge has been taking Bar Method classes.

I thought it was going to be like ballet and something familiar to me as a former dancer.

Well, I was wrong. The class is pure torture, but after every one, I feel strong and accomplished (not to mention sore for days after…which I love!)

Well, last week I had talked myself out of going for 5 days straight… I could still feel muscle soreness from my last class I told myself, I probably should just “rest” and not over do it.

I went back this weekend and was literally DYING.

(Now, do I realize that’s actually not the proper way to use the word “literally”? Yes. But I just can’t describe any other feeling than that. Plus, technically I was literally dying, like I am every second of the day, but that’s morbid, but I gotta keep your literary goons off my back! )

Anyway, the whole time I was whimpering, struggling and thinking is there not a level easier than this class? (the answer is ‘No’, I’m in the beginner class!)

So, I went back today and I was sure it was going to be an ugly scene.


It was challenging, don’t get me wrong, but the edge was gone.

Then it clicked. The same rule that is true in life, is true for my Bar class.

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

The more you tackle a challenge FULL ON, the easier it gets to slay that dragon.

Author Barbara Stanny talks about the gap that exists between, what we’re comfortable with and what we’re striving to do. On one end is our comfort zone and on the other, our dreams.

And guess where most of the tension is?

Right at either extreme…at the beginning when you’re first starting to take the first step towards your goal and right before you reach it!

It immediately made me think of a tight rope walker, and how the line gets more slack in the middle.

Liken that to your journey in going after your dreams!

You’re going to feel the most tension at the beginning and right before you hit your breakthrough to a new level!

So what’s the best way to reach your goals? Put one foot in front of the other, keeping in mind…

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

It’s going to be challenging at first, but that’s the nature of the beast.

Instead of letting that deter you and make you run back to your comfort zone, let that be your driving force to push you past the tense part of the journey and into the more “slack” middle part.

Like, do you think I’m ever going to let 5 days go by between my Bar class visits?

Not likely!

The class is hard, that’s a fact, BUT it’s going to get easier with time.

The more I go the easier it will get until I it will feel crazy that it was every as torturous as it used to be.

Same with you.

When you first step out on a limb to make your dream come true, it’s going to feel hard to go for it. It’s also hard sitting on the sidelines even when you know you’re being called to something greater.

Both are hard.

Why not go for it, knowing it’s going to feel tense at first but will without a doubt, will get easier.

AND after you’ve made a lot of progress it’ll feel tense again riiiiight before you reach your goal (so don’t quit)!

Here are 3 Steps to ensure that you can stay the course:

1) Just keep in mind that you’re on the right path. It’s going to feel tense sometimes, but The more you do it, the easier it gets.

2) Listen to your intuition. Make sure when you’re pushing yourself to new heights you’re being pushed by your Purpose and not your Ego. Your soul will tell you,…

3) Surround yourself with other people who are pushing themselves to new heights too. If you’re around negative people or nay sayers, it’s going make your journey that much more difficult. You can join in the community here by signing up below to get updates, freebies and inspiration.

Your Turn:

How are you going to keep pushing yourself along your journey today?

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