Just popping in your inbox today, to see how you’re doing. Since you’re a person who feels deeply, I know the world events likely have you down right now. Whether it’s the news of devastating natural disasters or the most unnatural acts happening between humans, I wanted to reach out and see how you’re feeling.

I posted this on Instagram the other day.

I wanted to make it clear, that it’s okay to not feel okay. I know in a Pinterest ready world, you sometimes feel you have to be picture perfect or hide away from the world while you “get it together”.

I just want to let you know that’s not necessary.

Some things happening in the world are not okay and it’s OKAY for you to NOT be cool with it. It’s also OK to show up how you are, where you are, as you are, right now.

You don’t have to get it together. You don’t have to wear a mask of “okayness” , you don’t have to slap on a smile or keep calm and carry on. Get mad, cry, “work from bed” (like I’ve had to do a couple days this week). Do what you need to do to fill your cup, care for self and get grounded and centered.

Learning to be okay with not feeling okay all the time is something that will serve you in your life, in your business, and in your spiritual practice.

If you need support with this let me know. Not only am I a business strategist I’m also a certified life coach, I know that it’s just as important to focus on your personal well-being as it is to work on your business growth.

So, just know I’m thinking of you, wishing you the best and I’m walking shoulder to shoulder with you as your sister on the path to living the life of your dreams, unapologetically, through it all.

As I write this, I’m on a plane heading to a business event with other world-changing women, I know that being among these women is going to fill my cup to the brim with hope, possibility, and inspiration and I couldn’t be more ready to receive ALL of that, right about now!

What are you going to put in action over the next seven days to fill YOUR cup and take care of yourself? I challenge you to decide and put something in your calendar to hold yourself accountable. If you need suggestions reply to this email and we can brainstorm some possibilities.

Keep shining your light, your presence and contribution matters!


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