On Your Journey to Destiny Discovery, I just want to encourage you to Follow Your Heart.


People tend to fall into the trap of saying, “they don’t know what they want”, but that’s not true; deep down we ALL know what we want.  The problem is instead of dealing with the risk of going after our dreams we create a new smaller and safer problem titled (you guessed it), “I don’t know what I want”. Marie Forleo nails that idea in this video.

Don’t let that be you. I know it can be scary, you have big, audacious dreams swimming around in your head and heart. Who wouldn’t be afraid to go against the grain to make those dreams come into fruition? But you must, your dreams were put in your heart for reason. We are all interconnected and when you refuse to fulfill your destiny you are not only denying yourself happiness you are denying the whole world of your gifts and talents.

Not to mention, if you ignore that voice inside of you, it doesn’t go away, instead it gets quieter making it harder to hear and it subtly gnaws away at your heart. When you don’t honor that voice, you are still subconsciously aware that you are living a life in contrast to the one that your soul is crying out for, which leads to a life of disharmony.


Learn to trust yourself and follow your heart. You have Infinite wisdom and what fires you up and makes you come alive is special and deserves attention. It takes courage, it takes confidence and it takes humility. You will need a community, but that’s what we are here for. It takes time, but every baby step  will get you closer to your dream and then you will see that anything is possible.


This month we are going to talk to the practical people. The ones who have their feet planted firmly on the ground but still have a dream life floating around in their head and heart. I am not going to hit you with the airy fairy stuff and instead I’m going to give you real applicable tips and techniques on how to walk in your destiny and still manage to pay your bills.


Stay tuned, have faith and remember to listen to you heart


We’re in this together!





You're In!