Ever feel stuck and unmotivated? Ever get in a funk and not know how to get out?

Well, you’re not alone, this is something Visionaries experience all the time.

 Lack of motivation is a Destiny Discoverers worst nightmare and I want to provide you with as many tools as I can to get you out of that Funk and back into the Flow, so without further ado I bring you:


How to to from Funk to Freedom


Full Steam Ahead

This is one for those who get stuck in a state of Analysis Paralysis. You make the plans, you over analyze and you never go into action. I know going after your dreams can be scary, and not everyone supports you, but inaction and staying in your funk only makes your situation worse.

It’s just like going down the big slide at the public pool. Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and push yourself down to break through the fear. Oh, and when you do what an exhilarating rush it is! The momentum of going for it, despite your fears will allow you to realize that things are not going to turn out as bad as you are envisioning them. They rarely do. More than that, when you go from being stuck & scared to action & exhilaration, you are not likely to get stuck in the space again. Sure, you may experience a temporary lack of  motivation, but the more times you go full steam ahead the shorter your “in a funk” periods will last.

Also, there is something to be said about staying in the flow. When you sit like a statue stricken with Spiritual Inertia, there is no momentum to move you forward. However, if you just move forward with any kind of action, you put yourself in the flow of the Universe and answers reveal themselves and pathways open. Things begin to pour forth that otherwise wouldn’t have if you had stayed in your stagnant position. So when you find yourself in your funk, don’t look left of right, just go full steam ahead and watch the doors of possibility open up to you.



For a World Changer this can be hard. When you have a goal like “Cure World Hunger” or “Achieve World Peace” it can be hard to find a focus (or is it just me?). However, finding a focus is essential to your success and happiness. The way to find your focus is by breaking your dream up into small doable steps. When you do this, you are able to laser in on one project and successfully execute it. When you have your thoughts all over the place, your energy is dispersed and you end up not making much of an impact in anything that you attempt. When that is happening it’s no wonder you are feeling tired and uninspired!

The way to discipline yourself to focus, is to realize that you can either poorly execute several tasks OR you can pick one task and execute it brilliantly and see it come into fruition before you move onto the next. The former breeds lethargy, frustration and lack of motivation and the latter generates confidence, energy and completed projects! Which one will you choose?

Your Turn:

  • Tell me one way you can move full steam ahead in an area in your life where you have been feeling stuck
  • Share in the comments a passion project or goal that you want to focus on.

Tune in on Monday for the final way to go from Funk to Freedom, it’s a good one!




You're In!