What mode are you in right now?

Hibernation Snuggle mode?

Strategic Plan Introspective mode?

Maybe you’re more of a Finish Big, Go Hard Or Go Home, Super Drive Mode.

(I’m oscillating between Team Super Snuggle and Strategic Plan Mode in case you were wondering)

No matter where you vibe wise, I know you’re going to absolutely love this little gift I made for you.

Whether you’re feverishly working on your computer day in and day out for the next couple of weeks, or you’re simply musing about your business in your head as you watch Project Runway reruns in your favorite fuzzy socks (wait, maybe that’s just me…)

Either way, this social media content calendar is going to help get those creative juices flowing for what you can create for your blog, newsletter and social media channels for all of 2018. Wee!!

No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write or share!

Look at you! You’re already kicking off the year with some organization, direction and gusto, go ‘head girlfriend!


This got me wondering:

What else do you need support with? What else is a frustration for you when it comes to your business?

I’ll be in my little elf workshop creating things for you all winter long, so if you comment below and let me know what you need, don’t be surprised if you get another gift from me to you soon…

‘Tis the season after all…. 

In closing, no matter what you celebrate (or if you celebrate at all) I’m wishing you a Happy Merry Everythang all day every day!

Sent with tons of love,


You're In!