You know when you know exactly what you should do, but for some reason you don’t do it.

You self-sabotage…

You procrastinate…

You hesitate….

…and then promise yourself you’ll do better tomorrow…

So. Frustrating.

The good news is, it’s not your fault. It’s your mind playing tricks on you.

If you’re reading these words, then I know you’re all about personal growth, stepping out of your comfort zone, living in the realm of Possibility and living as the best version of yourself.

That means you’re at your edge all the time and lizard brain is likely freaking out ALL OF THE TIME.

When you play outside of your comfort zone means your brain thinks you’re in danger, like being chased by a rhinoceros danger… but in reality, you’re not in physical danger.

The secret to overcoming this self-sabotage and pattern of moving through life with one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the break due to fear, is getting handle on your mindset.

Mindset is a tricky, subtle thing to tackle, which is why I enlisted the help of an expert to help you wrangle that brain of yours.

This week on the Shine On, Sista!, I talk with Mindset & Empowerment Coach, Stacy Weber about how to get a handle on your mindset so you can live the Limitless Life you deserve!

Learn to Live Your Limitless Life with Stacy Weber

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