Alright — we’ve been talking a lot about messaging and how to really craft your Brand Story.  I’ve gotten a lot of questions around the Soul-Centered Brand Formula, which I talked about in a previous post.  If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check it out — it’s life changing.  It will truly boost the clarity in your messaging.

One of the components of the Soul-Centered Brand Formula is Your Story.  I received several questions surrounding this, the main ones being:

  • How do I pick my story?
  • How do I start my story?
  • What IS my story?

I’m here to answer these for you and get you really clear, really fast.

The first thing to consider is that Your Story has to relate to your business.  It’s not just any story in the world.  It’s your brand story.  Think about it — you’re sharing Your Story when you’re standing in front of the room, doing a video, a podcast, or maybe writing a blog post.  Whatever it is, you’re sharing Your Story as it relates to your business.

Next, your Brand Story needs focus.  It’s not about anything under the sun.  It’s typically going to be how you came to do what you do.  What is the story?  What is the journey that brought you to do the work that you do?  Or maybe it’s a story about why you are so uniquely gifted to do what you do.

Marie Kondo’s show is on Netflix now, and it’s super popular.  I’ve read the book, and I loved it.  What I loved so much was how it illustrated how she was divinely designed for what she’s doing now, and knew it from a young age.  Even though half of the story is the practical side, I really enjoyed simply hearing her story about how she came to do what she does.  That’s really part of her Brand Story.

For you, what is Your Story?  How did you come to do what you do today?  Why?  What was that journey?  You could stop now, write it out and consider yourself done, but I’m going to share with you three ingredients to include in your Brand Story to make it stellar.

Your Story should be as relatable, vulnerable and as credible as possible.  The old-school way to do things was very “flawless, buttoned-up guru on the mountain top”, but things have changed.


Now, we’ve got Instagram Stories & Facebook Live.  We want to see “behind the scenes” and get to know the real you.  Seeing the imperfections in people helps to make you relatable.  We connect to the humanness of you.  You connect to the humanness of me.


You also want to be sure to be vulnerable.  Don’t be afraid to show that you are imperfect or that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  Standing in a place of leadership makes us feel like we’ve got to be perfect.  The truth is there is a way to craft vulnerability into your Brand Story in such a way that will actually create a strong connection.  When others see your vulnerability, they’ll instantly feel more connected to you.


Don’t forget about credibility — that’s the next thing to make sure to include in your Brand Story.  You want to let everyone know why you deserve to stand at the front of the room.  How did you earn your place there?

All three components, relatability, vulnerability, and credibility work together to provide you with the stellar Brand Story you want.  It will position you well.  It’s the beginning of the Soul-Centered Brand Formula that is going to make your money making message so stellar.  It’s going to make your niche POP.  It’s the beginning of your soul-centered brand standing out in an authentic and magical way.

Go out there, craft a stellar brand story, and Shine On, Sista!

You're In!