Just scrolling my socials — as one does — I can sometimes feel overwhelmed seeing all that’s happening in the world. (Can you relate?)

What always brightens my day is the fact that I follow my current and past clients and I get to delight in seeing what they’re up to.

Just this week, as I scrolled, I saw so much evidence how what was once a world-changing dream for them is now a reality.

And not just, ‘yay! I’m hitting my money goals!’ (which we love), but also, ‘I care about this cause and I’m actually doing something about it!’ #InspiringAF

Like Robin was just featured in the news for launching a non-profit arm of her styling biz where she’s bringing style makeovers to underserved and marginalized communities — using her genius and expertise. (To donate, nominate, and appreciate you can go here and get inspired)

Or Deanna who has also launched a non-profit arm to her coaching business that helps close the gap between the American majority population and people of color in education, personal finance, and community.

Or Stephanie who’s thriving wedding business (yes, even through the pandemic) takes a stand to ensure it’s known that her company Union Event Co. is here for equity, inclusivity, and love. Periodt.

Or Jenn who cares deeply about the environment, keeps her clothing creations sustainable (in a eco sense) but makes it fashion over at Stone Crow Designs.

Even in a world that still demands women to shrink, be quiet, and be content with less than, Tomiko is over here making sure we shake off the pandemic blues and tap into our inner desires (for real, check out @thegoddesslifewithtomiko on IG and you’ll see what I’m talking about!)

And the list really goes on, from restorative justice circles to holding non-judgemental space for alternative relationship preferences, to keeping brick and mortar crystal shops open through the protests and pandemic, my clients (who I call my Soul Fam) are doing the work, making shifts on the planet, and making a great living while they do it!

THIS is what happens when you’re making enough money in your business to make a positive impact – can I get an Amen up in here!?

You see, what I know about YOU is when you’re successful, profitable, and on fire to make a difference in the world — you do it!

That’s why I’m here to help you with the profitable + successful part, so you can get to doing work you love + launching projects you’re passionate about as well.

It’s where Purpose + Profit meet, hold hands, work together, and give you the fulfilling, abundant life you deserve.

If you’re reading this and saying I.Want.That!

You’re in luck — I’mma make it happen for you.

You’re going to benefit from the inspiration my clients have doused me in this week!

I’ve opened up spots on my calendar to talk about how I can help you build, grow, and profit from your soul-centered, purpose-led, business.

During this complimentary session, I’ll let you know the key components you need to make your business work, plus help you identify what may be holding you back from having that right now. You’ll leave the call with a roadmap of your best next steps, what to do and what to avoid moving forward, plus, the exact pathway to profits that suit your strengths and skills.

If you’re ready to make real money and a real impact on the world, book your session today.

Helping folks like you launch mission-driven businesses is part of my Purpose. So supporting you along this journey is my life’s work and my deepest delight.

I can’t wait to talk to you soon!

P.S. If you see there are no open spots, that means they have all been booked for now. <insert sad face> But fret not, simply reply to this email and let us know if you run into any issues booking your call, and we’ll assist you best we can!

P.P.S. <insert sad face> was not a typo ???? #endingthedebatesbeforetheybegin


You're In!