Hi Beauty!

I’m popping in your inbox to invite you to a beautiful discussion unfolding tomorrow, Thursday July 20th at 6 pm PST! (check out the deets here)

Me and two of my fav #LadyBoss SistaFriends are discussing Authenticity in the Online Space.

  • So if you’ve been feeling a disconnect trying to run your business online, this is for you!
  • If you long for authentic connection, you definitely want to be there.
  • If you’re wondering, how can you be REAL and share authentically but also have a private life of your own, you don’t want to miss this online discussion happening tomorrow, Thursday July 20th @ 6pm PST!

This is not going to be a lecture style event. It’s going to be a discussion between me, you and other world changing women who want to be the change they want to see in the world.

The truth is, if you find interactions online to be somewhat fake, inauthentic and yucky, the responsibility really lies on US to make it a safe and REAL space.

Tomorrow, we’re discussing how, and we really need your voice to be present when we go live.

Please say you’ll come!

To find out more watch the below where I share a bit more about what we’ll be discussing.

To make sure you snag your spot and get all the information you need to join us live, go to www.soulsistahsunplugged.com to register and I can’t wait to chat with you then!


You're In!