Got your 30 Day Plan?
Embrace the 12 Week Year!
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Pick your word for 2016!

This is what your inbox has been filled with pretty much since October, right?
It was all about Make Your Plan and Work Your Plan wasn’t it?

Have you ever heard the Yiddish saying, “We Plan & God Laughs”

Well that statement epitomized my January.

I had my 1 year plan, 6 month plan and a very detailed 3 month plan all mapped out (pretty much down to daily tasks and execution).

Then almost immediately, the unexpected happened.
On the positive side a flood of well-paying cutting edge opportunities and partnerships came to me in a myriad of ways that I hadn’t planned on.

Though it threw me off center at first, I said “yes” to these opportunities because I saw that while they didn’t look like what I had planned, they were just an alternate route to my ultimate goals I had set.

Life is funny that way.

Then the unexpected struck again.
This time it was in the form of a family emergency that found me in Louisiana for the past two weeks. It was a tough heart-breaking time that I’m still recovering from.

Thank God for family, friends and a thriving location independent business that allowed me to be by fiancé’s side when he needed me most.

What’s my point?
On January 1st I never could have imagined what my January 31st was going to look like. Maybe you can relate and feel thrown off because things so far don’t look the way you thought they would when you were making your 2016 plans.

That’s why they say expect the unexpected, but boy is that easier said then done. If your January didn’t end up the way you thought it might I’m sharing with you secrets on how to gracefully expect the unexpected and move through adversity, challenges and unexpected opportunities like the amazing woman you are!

1. Have a Plan: Did you think I was going to say throw your plans out the window because you never know what’s going to happen? No, that’s not the way to expect the unexpected. You gotta make a plan because you need to know what direction you’re headed in and what steps will get you there.

Like a GPS you gotta know where you are and where you’re going and the path that will lead you there. Do detours pop up? Yes. Do you sometimes have to reroute your course? Absolutely. But imagine how lost you’d be without a plan in place at all. By having a plan in place when both the positive and not positive unexpected events unfolded in my life, I was able to simply shift some things around versus having to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel. Save your energy by making a plan, staying flexible and re-route your course if need be.

2. Examine the Path: When the unexpected occurs without a doubt you’ll feel thrown off course. However once the dust has settled take a look at what you’re left with. Maybe you’re on the path to your desired outcome it just looks way different than what you thought. When my grandma passed away this time last year that threw me off and made it glaringly clear I needed more leveraged options in my business. It wasn’t what I had planned to create but once I could see clearly, it moved me to step in a different, yet more beneficial direction that helped me reach my ultimate goal.

This January again I see that my 1:1 time is truly at a premium and that group workshops, events and group coaching are where my focus is going and only select few will be able to work with me 1:1. (If you know you need laser focused 1:1 coaching from me, click here so we can chat about how I can support you, space is super limited so act fast), my ultimate goal is still the same, and I can absolutely achieve it, the path I’m taking to get there, however is going to be different than what I thought it would be.

3. Communicate/Ask: During this crazy time it was imperative to keep the lines of communication open and let people know what was going on with me. Folks are so understanding and love to support you in any way they can. Which is why I also want to highlight the important of ASKING for what you need. Though I asked for a lot of support, I may have to give myself a B- overall because I could have asked more. Can you relate? Women typically have no problem showing up for others but don’t tend to ask for support when they need it. Let’s make a commitment to over-ask the next time we find ourselves in a place where we could use some support.

4. Re-Group: Once the dust settled a bit it’s time to regroup. Examine the path, make your phone calls, update your peeps and set up your new plan of action. Life pushes us forward whether we’re ready or not, so just keep on keepin’ on!

5. Practice Self-Care: Self Care is essential. You gotta fill your battery up. Changing course, pivoting and enduring the changes all dip into your energy reserves. It’s uber important to recharge your batteries, as soon as you can so you don’t burn out and end up depleted and exhausted. Take the time you need. It’s not a luxury, it’s essential!

6. Gratitude: Be grateful for the surprises, be grateful for unexpected, be grateful for your new plan and your new path. Give thanks for all the ways you can communicate and be grateful for the ability to re-group and focus on your self-care. Be grateful for the good and for what seems like not so great. If you truly believe everything is happening for your Highest Good, it makes it easier to be thankful even during the tough times. By giving thanks for what’s in front of you (the good, the bad and otherwise) you’ll begin to experience more of what you want which will help you get back on track, fast.

You totally got this, and if you need support (drop me line) and we’ll figure out the best next steps for you moving forward. (Note: if my calendar is full, keep checking back, spaces will open up soon)

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