We’re halfway through the year, how are you doing on your goals? I want to get on your radar before the end of the year is here before you know it.

Here are 4 ways to make sure the second half of the year is powerful and prosperous for you!

Be Aware – That’s what this message is for. To make sure that the end of the year doesn’t sneak up on you!  you still have time to bring your dreams into reality and reach your goals if you’re mindful of the fact that the countdown is on and it’s time to put some real plans into place.

Visualize – What do you want to be celebrating at the stroke of midnight on December 31st? What would feel like an accomplishment to you in terms of your dream business, project or idea? Again, you have time now to take steps towards that goal, TODAY, without that scambly panicked energy that the end of the year can bring to those who wait too long to get into action now. 

Map Out a Plan – To go from dream to reality, you gotta take the idea out of your head (and heart) and get it onto paper, and your calendar and your project management system. Yes, all that. It’s easy to dream, the hard part is getting practical about it and breaking that dream down into doable achievable steps. Once you complete this step, you’re on the fast track to happy land! 

Get Support – This can be a challenging step for ambitious, capable, smart women to do, but getting support is a GAME changer! You can enhance your impact exponentially when you enlist help to support you in carrying out your dreams. Hire people who are better at the task than you and you will have more time, less stress and more smiles all day long. 

If you’d like my support (and I think you do) I’ve opened up some coveted spots to help YOU with steps 3 & 4. You tell me your vision and I’ll tell you how you can bring it into fruition. If you’re interested and serious about exploring exactly what’s possible for you, click here to book a time to chat about your vision, dreams and goals for the rest of the year and beyond. 


I opened as many strategy sessions as I could, because if you’re itching to make waves (and money) from your gifts – now is the time and I’ve got your back, if you’re serious. I want you to be able to take trips on the fly, have clients you love, and to truly build the business and movement of your dreams. Click here and book your session, you’re just a moment away from changing the course of your life and making your dreams come true!

Can’t wait to chat soon,

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