You may have missed the early bird to the Money-Making Marketing Workshop, but guess what!?

There’s still an opportunity to save!

I’m hosting a workshop on Tuesday, May 5th all about how to create your Money-Making Marketing plan for the year. ????

While this would normally be a closed door, client-only opportunity, you’re being given access as someone in my inner circle.


Because your time and attention are so valuable and I want you to work smarter not harder.

Not only that, I’m willing to take you by the hand to show you how.

✨Give me 90 minutes, and I’ll give you your 12-Month Money-Making Marketing plan, want in? ✨

You can check out the details to register your seat here.

When you join the Money-Making Marketing Workshop you’ll:

  • Learn how to create your marketing content so you can easily & authentically attract your ideal clients & customers
  • Identify the #1 secret to creating content that leads to sales seamlessly
  • Develop a system for writing content quickly and consistently so you’re always in touch with your clients & community
  • Learn the specific platforms and methods to use in your marketing that best fit your gifts, talents, and strengths
  • Develop a system for planning your client-attracting content consistently
  • Create customized methods for getting your message out into the world consistently without burning out
  • Walk away having a year’s worth of content at-a-glance all planned and mapped out
  • Identify the best topics to tackle to call in consistent sales and ideal clients
  • Uncover how to connect with your clients, even if they’re on a platform you don’t want to be on
  • Receive downloadable done-for-you worksheets, prompts, & checklists to make creating content a breeze
  • Have the opportunity to have any and all questions answered live
  • Receive bonus content and more!

If that sounds like what you need, I happily welcome you in (just click here to join).

If you’re searching for something else, stay tuned — I got something for you!

Later this week, I’m going to be showering you with gifts so keep an eye on your inbox for that!

Around these parts you can’t lose because I love to see you #win.

Here’s to your ever-unfolding success, happiness, evolution, ????????????

P.S. Special pricing for the Money-Making Marketing Workshop goes away soon, so if you’re interested in getting your marketing done in a day, you’ll want to register, today!

You're In!