Have you been getting the advice that you have to nail your niche or else your business is doomed? Don’t stress. I’m going to teach you how to nail your niche and stand out in a saturated market today.

Do you feel like everyone does what you do, like you’re in an oversaturated market? Are you struggling to stand out, get visible, and get clients? If you’re reading this, then you’re likely a coach or a transformational professional.

It may feel like everybody does what you do, but the truth is the transformational and personal development space is on the rise. You’re in a really good place!

More than ever people are investing in their personal growth and transformation. They’re realizing that healing, growth, and development are really important skills to have. This is great news for you because you can help them. What does that mean? More clients for you.

So then why aren’t you experiencing the amount of clients that you wish you had? It’s likely because you need to nail your niche. Your message isn’t landing with your potential clients. Maybe your message is unclear, or a little too generic. Worst of all, maybe you’re trying to help everyone. The problem with trying to appeal to the masses is that people don’t get why they should pick you over someone else. They’re not understanding that you’re their healer, coach, and mentor — the one who’s meant to work with them. You and your clients are a soulmate client-to-coach match.  You’ve got to nail your niche!

The problem is, if you’re not nailing your niche, then you’re not shouting what you do from the mountaintops. Then you become the world’s best-kept secret, which we definitely don’t want. If your potential clients don’t get what you do, then they’re not knocking down your door to hire you. Either way it’s an issue, but it’s an issue we’re going to solve today.

I’m going to introduce you to the Soul-Centered Brand Formula. It’s something I created to help folks like you organically create and pull out what makes you special and unique. This is going to help you speed to the head of the class and pass everyone else who is just spinning their wheels. The Soul-Centered Brand Formula is really going to help you stand out and show your uniqueness in a really organic way. Let’s just get to it right now. Grab a journal, or open up your favorite note app. You’ll want to write this formula down so that you never forget it.

Okay, ready? So the Soul-Centered Brand Formula is this: Your Story + Your Ideal Soulmate Client + Your Movement = Your Money-Making Message. (At least the beginning of it!) 

I have an online course called the Soul-Centered Business Creator. In that course, I teach you the whole formula and all about your money-making message. This is the first step, the first thing you have to nail. So again, I hope you got that formula written down.

Now, I hope you’re not feeling skeptical because the truth is you are unique. You are special. That’s not something you have to conjure up. It’s really just you. What this course does is pull out and extract those things that make you unique and special naturally. So take heart and know that this isn’t something you’re putting on, which can feel inauthentic to heart-centered entrepreneurs such as yourself. Instead, it’s really shining a light on what already sets you apart.

Here’s a real life example:  Say I’m a health coach, you’re a health coach, and our friend over here is a health coach. If we look at each of our stories, we can see that each is different in its own way. Even though we’re all health coaches, we each have something that can’t be duplicated — our stories.

Next in the formula: Your Ideal Soulmate Client. This is where you get to choose who you work with and identify who would be the best match for you. Not just who you like to work with, but also who would benefit the most from what you do. Let’s say I have a specialty in organic cooking, while you have a real expertise in helping people lose those last stubborn pounds. Already the ideal client for us is very, very different. We’re making our stories unique, then we’re taking elements of our ideal soulmate client. We’re extracting what makes us really unique and special, and do a really deep dive on how to identify your ideal soulmate clients. The Soul-Centered Business Creator is a course that you definitely want to check out if you want to change the game.

Next, we move on to Your Movement. This is also unique, and a more advanced idea that we review more in the course. “Your Movement” is the thing that you’re juiced about in your business. Why do you have your business? What’s the bigger movement that it’s about? It’s something that’s very personal. The root of your movement is going to be very different than someone else’s.

You can see that now that we’ve taken our story, our ideal soulmate clients, and our movements, that even though we all say we’re health coaches, we are each unique. You’re already extracting what makes you different. That’s going to lead into your brand messaging, marketing, and client attraction. You can see how people are going to say, “Oh my gosh. I resonate with that. You’re my coach. You’re my healer. I want to hire her.”

Why does the Soul-Centered Brand Formula work? It lets you deepen into you being you. As we know, when you are doing you, you shine the brightest, and that’s all that we want. I’m really excited for you to apply the Soul-Centered Brand Formula to your business today. Go ahead and tell a friend and tell them Coach Covington sent you. So apply the formula, highlight what makes you unique, and shine on, sister!

You're In!