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You know how folks out in “InternetLand” like to act like an overnight success? How I got 70,000 subscribers in 2 days, how I went from 0 to 6 figures in 30 minutes.


Well this post is kinda like that (insert crying laughing emoji)


Still with me? Okay, this could be love….


What I mean is, while I’m going to breakdown what happened in the feverish 7 days leading up to me and my now husband eloping, we didn’t actually go from concept to getting married in 7 days, the topic had been floating around for, oh, 2-3 years? (i.e. the instant we got engaged and every last person began grilling us over wedding details. #deerinheadlights #totesunprepared #waitweshouldknowthatalreadywhoknew)


So for some time, weekends had been blocked, schedules cleared, and dreams and schemes underway. There were even Pinterest boards and even dress try-ons though…in the end… none of that mattered.


As two crazy kids in love who have been crystal clear for a long time that they were meant to spend their lives together, we only got seriously, seriously, serious the 7 days leading up to the magical day.


So in today’s note, I’m sharing with you:


How to Plan (& Celebrate) Your Wedding in 7 Days (Not Less)


Day 1: Be crystal clear to pull this off, it’s gotta be just you two. It’s amazing how much MORE planning comes into play the minute you introduce a person or two into the fold. Lodging, schedules, opinions, whims, demands… For maximum execution at this point, you gotta keep it tight and right with the two. You can always have a big shindig later.


Day 2: Secure an officiant. This will determine a) that you are legally married when you do get hitched and b) what day you can hold your ceremony. Gotta check your officiant’s availability and work out a date that works for bride, groom and officiant. (Pro Tip: Go ahead and get your marriage license while you’re at it. Seriously.)


Day 3: Run around like an insane person (repeat for the remaining days): Sure, your officiant gave you availability spanning over two weeks and beyond, but you, YOU choose his FIRST available spot, because. Why not? Better to be married first and use the rest of your vacay as your honeymoon right? #Logic Don’t have a plan for your hair, no nail appointment, no suit + details you haven’t thought of yet? No sweat! No time like the present. Book those beauty appointments, call in favors and pay what they ask because. Time.


Day 4:  Find Lodging Fit For a Bohemian Bride: First, be sure the location you were you were planning on staying is on fire and then make sure that you’ve picked a weekend when there’s an annual international car show resulting in EVERY location being booked. Don’t worry with love and luck on your side, you’ll find the most perfect cozy, place complete with a fireplace, fresh cookies and the yummiest beds.


Day 5: Wait, You Have a Photographer, Right?: Okay, if you don’t, book one now. Contact everyone in the area, and if they respond saying they are booked, ask them for recommendations. It’ll work it out. #Trust #Faith #iPhonesAlsoTakeRadPictures #ItAlsoMayBeTimeToPurchaseACameraAndTriPod #JustSaying


Day 6:  Travel to Your Location: By plane, sailboat, car or whatever you choose, just be sure to have some fun mind-bender games to occupy your mind so you don’t combust with excitement!


Day 7: Enjoy Your Magical Day: Let all the small stuff go, focus on the love. Whatever happens is perfect and meant to be. Lucky you!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.38.41 PM


Day 8: Honeymoon It Up + Make a Plan For Your Life, Together: Everything in your relationship may look the same, but it’s different now. Make plans that honor why the Universe brought you together in the first place.


There you have it. A bit tongue in cheek? Yes. Accurately captures the feeling leading up to the Big Day? You better believe it! How people sustain that level of details and intensity for a year, this girl will never know.


Thank you SO much for the love, congratulations and well wishes. I have received each and every one as a genuine blessing over this union that was put into motion 11 years ago and has been written in the stars for eternity.

—–> Now I want to hear from you!  Have you ever pulled off something MAJOR on a super tight deadline? Share your story in the comments, these always make for great stories!

You're In!