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This week has been filled with emergency mastermind meetings, vent fests and “should I even be in business?” conversations.


First, one of my colleagues called an emergency mastermind meeting because she’s been dealing with a nightmare client that has resulted in her being put on anti-anxiety pills! Another meeting I was in, a fellow coach was celebrating the fact that she actually got out of bed and started organizing her business again (actually that theme came up more than once this week), even I had a vent fest the other day with my local mastermind group after having a “difference of opinion” with my business coach, whew.


Business can be messy, hard and darn right frustrating. When you’re a service professional (be it waitress or life coach), your clients are your boss, you’re wearing many hats and things are constantly ebbing and flowing. So while we wish we could just hold the ship steady, the reality is winds of change are always blowing.


What’s a heart-centered entrepreneur to do!?


Get yourself a community!

Seriously, I already knew the importance of community, but this week it was glaringly obvious. 


Who is on your cheerleading squad? Who are you allowed to rant to even if you’re a zen master yogi queen priestess? If you don’t have the group now, get one asap, pah-lease!


If you do have a community (or have one in mind) but you’re suffering in silence and don’t reach out? Stop the madness now! You have to allow yourself to be seen, heard and allow yourself to be held and supported for once. We’re all human, 3-dimensional characters and we’re allowed to have a whole human experience.

If you need help finding a community, reach out to me and together we’ll find a good place for you to land.


So that’s your assignment for the week: Find yourself a supportive community. If you already have a community, reach out and share with them a win and a challenge for the week, so they can celebrate and support you. What is likely to happen is someone will say, I’m so glad you reached because I’ve been going through the same thing!


This journey of life is too ca-raaaazy to go it alone (and what fun would that be anyway?)


Happy connecting and lots of love,


You're In!