So, as I rev up to the release of my first online program (stay tuned for details if you’re interested) I’ve been going through a lot of shifts.


It’s requiring me to step up in a bigger way and face that sneaky bully ‘Resistance’.


One night I was feeling particularly “stuck”. Not related to any task specifically, just a mental block that had me feeling like I couldn’t move forward with my plans.


In an instant I remembered I did a video about “getting moving on your mission”… I thought hmmm, maybe I’ll check it out in case I forgot something.


Well after watching that video and two of my other videos I felt encouraged, inspired and well, ready to keep moving on my mission!


In same second that I felt happy the videos worked, I began feeling mortified that I actually watched my OWN motivational videos for motivation!


Like, who does that?


Then, 3 things dawned on me all at once:

  • It’s not about “me”, you know little ol’ earthy bound ego “me”, it’s about the information and inspiration I receive from my Higher Self. When I’m clear (and obedient) I’m able to capture it and put it out in the world and that, in fact, dear World Changer, is our only real task!


  • It’s important to take inspired action and put yourself and your wisdom out there. You never know who is going to be watching or who desperately needs to hear your message (even if it’s future you!)


  • Don’t get caught up with word counts, lightening, having perfect teeth, clothes or makeup… at the end of the day none of that really matters!


I shied away from video in the past because I don’t have my home studio set up yet, I didn’t have intro music or fun graphics to introduce my videos. What? Like, seriously who.cares. I have SOOO much to share with you and that’s all that really matters.


So, if you’ve been wanting to start a website but don’t have a graphic designer, just start it anyway you can always improve.


If you know you want to be blogging but don’t feel like you’re crafty copywriter, just write anything for now, you’ll only improve. Research, read and refine your craft and you’ll only get better with time.


If you’ve been wanting to do videos but you’re being super judgemental of yourself. Set up your iphone, ipad, computer or camera and press record already! Do it for me, I may need to hear exactly the message you have brewing inside of you. How will I ever hear it if you don’t capture it?


So that’s your lesson for today. Dig Deep, Take Action and Put It Out There…

… you never know who’s watching (including future you).


Your Turn:

What are you going to put out there, today, that’s been brewing inside of you for awhile? Let me know in the comments below!


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