It’s been brought to my attention that folks are feeling like their day job is feeling like a soul-sucking situation.

After being in my business for almost a decade now (hard to believe!) I almost forgot that feeling!

Now, some folks working a day job may not feel it’s draining their soul, but when I was in my last corporate position I TOTALLY felt that way, so I can relate to you if you’re feeling that way. 

So if you’re reading this right now, and totally relate to the ‘soul-sucking job’ situation, please watch today’s video as a share a gift with you to help pull you out of your funk PLUS, I’ll have even more for you next week, so stay tuned.

Also, if you’re in the Bay Area, I’ll be speaking at the Oakland Impact Hub this coming Tuesday, send me a message if you’d like to attend and I’ll make sure we get you past the front desk. 

Also, if you didn’t get to listen, I had a blast interviewing Lana Shlafer on the Shine On, Sista! Podcast. Lana shares her best tips on how to go from managing your life to mastering your life, in a really aligned and authentic way.

Remember to stay the course, keep hope alive and Shine On, Sista!!


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