Today, we’re talking about something that affects coaches, healers, conscious entrepreneurs and transformational professionals almost more than anything else that I encounter in my work with my clients. And that is the topic of charging what you’re worth. I would just like to go on record and say that I don’t love the language of charging what you’re worth, I believe that we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience and you can’t put a price on that. I think that we are all priceless. However, I know that that is a terminology a lot of people use, charge what you’re worth, and they mean putting a price on the services you provide. So, that’s how I’m using it today.

Now, as a business coach who has worked with countless women who are typically coaches, healers, conscious business owners, therapists and transformational professionals, this issue of pricing … how much do I charge? What’s the price that I put on my services? How do I came up with my rates and fees? It really trips them up. And it’s not just about the logic and the numbers, right? It’s really about the emotional issue that comes up, when it comes to charging for something that either comes naturally to you, or that you would do for free, or you just gets so much joy out of doing this service that you might feel guilty for putting a price on it. Fears that my clients bring up a lot is that they fear that people won’t pay for their service, right? As a service professional, coaches, healers, transformational professionals, what we sell is invisible. Coaching it’s invisible, it’s not a jar of peanut better. So, it gets difficult sometimes for some people to put a price on it. The fear of people won’t pay comes up a lot.

Another fear that comes up is that they’ll be seen as greedy if they put a price on their service for some reason [inaudible 00:02:06] feel that they’ll be perceived as greedy. Also, when I walk my clients through various exercises to really feel in to and figure out what they feel their rate should be, sometimes they feel like, it just feels like too much. And what always boils down to is self-worth. When you’re coming from a 9-to-5 you show up, you do the job, you get a paycheck. And it’s a little bit different when you’re a personal brand, you feel like you’re putting a price on yourself.

When you’re a, putting a price on what you do feels very personal and it can feel very uncomfortable, especially for a transformational professional, because they’re doing really great work in the world and it feels like it shouldn’t come with a high price tag. It always boils down to self-worth. Do you really feel worthy to receive money in exchange for what you do? How do we get you to a place of feeling worthy to charge the fees that you deem as a fair exchange for the transformation that you provide? So, today I’m going to gift you with three reasons why you absolutely can charge what you’re worth, even if you’re new to business.

Reason number one, you know your craft. I mean, you really know it. And that’s what we can charge what you’re worth. You spend time researching this thing all the time. You also have experience practicing it. Whether you’ve been paid for it or not it’s something that you most likely do in your every day life anyway. For example, coaches, I know we’re always a friend that people ask their advice anyway and then they got into coaching and now put a price on their service. Also, it’s passion-infused. So not only do you research and practice it, but it’s coming from a really authentic place that stems from your real authentic passion. So, that is totally valuable and someone is really willing to pay you for that service.

Now hopefully you’re seeing more of why you’re well within your rights to get paid for what you do, so be sure to stay tuned for Part 2, so we can make sure you’re getting paid what you’re services are worth ????.

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