Be sure you catch Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, before continuing on, there’s so much to unpack with this topic!

Reason number three. You have a breath of other skills that you bring to the table that absolutely ups your value. So, not only do you do the thing that you do, whether it’s a Reiki healer business coach, health coach, what have you, but you also come from something. You survived your childhood, and I’m sure there’s a plethora of experiences there. Maybe you entered the corporate world, or you worked several jobs. All of those are skills that you bring to the table. Even if you’re a scuba diver that went to med school, dropped out, joined the Peace Corps and now you’re a health coach. All of those experiences really add value to the coach you are now. And that’s really valuable to whoever purchase your services.

Not to mention, and this is kind of another topic, but when you start really looking at all that you bring to the table, all of your past skills and experiences, this is where you get to start looking at your own, unique brand. This is the beginnings of you developing your own unique brand, because no one can mimic what you have been through, and what you’ve overcome, and what skills you bring to the table. And the unique blend of those. So, again, taking into consideration all of the skills and experiences that you bring to the table absolutely adds value to your clients. And this is also why you can charge what you’re worth. Of course this is a bigger topic and we can’t dig into it today, but this will get you started on your path, really owning what you do and charging what you’re worth.

So, again, the three reasons why you can charge what you’re worth, even if you’re a newbie, it’s because you know your craft, you attract really committed clients, and that way you’re able to get really great results for them, and you bring a breath of skills to the table. And all of those things are very valuable.

What I just gave you is information, but I really want you to get this all into your selves to really own your worth. So, your mission, if you chose to accept it, is I want you to create a list of all the things that you do bring to the table. I want you to make a list of God given skills you have, we call those gifts. Things that just come naturally and easy to you. And I really want you to pay attention to these things because these are the things that you tend to take for granted. On this list, I also want you to include learned skills. Observe where do you invest your money and where do you invest your time, because, let me tell you, not everyone is investing their time and money in the same things. And that’s why they would hire you who help them with whatever their issue is.

Where do you spend time and where do you spend money? Because these are skills that you’ve developed over time. Also, what are your hobbies and what are your passions? Because these are all things that you bring to the table. Put this all on a list and you will begin to see that, man, you really are valuable. You really can add value to someone else’s lives and you can absolutely charge what you’re worth.

I’m so glad you were able to join me today. I know this is going to help you along your journey. So, proceed with confidence, own your worth and shine on, sista!

You're In!