Learn How to Bring Your Vision into Fruition

This is such an incredible episode. The one and only, Aché is walking us through all the different aspects of what it takes to bring your Vision into fruition. She’s also talking about incredibly important topics, such as, the epidemic of humanitarian and activist women of color enduring day after day to the detriment of their health, that in some cases has proven to be fatal. As a woman of Vision, Heart AND Action, Aché, herself, was given a Vision of how to help women of color get support, nourishment and respite. You do NOT want to miss this episode, its multi-layered, meta at times and it will give you hope for the future.

To find out more about what Aché is up to you can check out:

Her website here: Iamboldacious.com 

Her Instagram here: @i_am_boldacious

And Her current project here and here

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