Do you know the difference between your Life Purpose and your Life Goals?

Hint: I talked about some of that in the last article. If you haven’t gotten a chance to read it, check it out to get up to speed. Now that you’ve gotten an understanding on what your Life Purpose is you’re probably asking yourself….


So what about Goals?

Some people get confused and think their life goals are their Life’s Purpose and that is a mistake.


Become a Millionaire

Travel Around the World

Open 150 Businesses

Choreograph a Bollywood Film


Those are examples of Goals. Goals are the stepping stones that get you to your Life’s Purpose. Again, using the same analogy, if your life is the compass, the needle is pointing you in the direction of your Destiny then the journey or path you take to get to your destination are your goals. If you are going by boat, trekking a mountain or hiking through a forest you will always be walking in the direction of your Destiny. What that might look like in real terms is working at several jobs that all bring you one step closer to truly Walking in your Destiny.



Goals are great as long as you don’t get them confused as your Life Purpose. Can you see how it is more stressful thinking your Life Purpose is to become a Millionare versus Live in the Flow of Life? One will have you toiling all of your days striving for the almighty dollar, while the other will find you fulfilled and satisfied as long as you are Living in the Flow of the Universe. This becomes harmful because our Destiny calls us whether we know it or not. Therefore, we experience misery when we are striving to be millionaires and the needle is steady pointing towards “Live in the Flow of Life”. If we are not moving in the direction that needle is pointing we create suffering, dissatisfaction and frustration. That is why it is essential that you don’t confuse your Life’s Purpose with your Life Goals.

Talk to Me:

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  • Have you been thinking one of your Life Goal’s was your Life’s Purpose?
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