Hey Sis,

I know you’ve heard me say it time again…

If you long for success, for support, and sanity, you need COMMUNITY.

When talking about business, You’ve heard me encourage you to get a mastermind group, find an “accountibilibuddy” and to, of course, hire a coach.

In life, I insist you have your own personal cheerleading squad and a community of heart-centered people that get what you’re all about.

And while you may understand the benefit of said groups, you may struggle to find those people.

I mean, where are they hiding?

In this digital age we have been fortunate to connect with people like us across the globe, so that’s helped, but you may still feel like something is missing.

Sure, online communities are great, but there’s nothing like that in-person, face-to-face interaction.

That’s why I’ve gathered some of my favorite sistahfriend #LadyBoss leaders to create a community that is not only about support and sisterhood, but we’re taking this online party OFFLINE too!







To find out more click here, you’ll love what you find.

We’re hosting virtual workshops, interactive discussions, and a beautiful in-person retreat. You don’t want to miss it and I want you there, in that space, getting the love, nurturing and understanding you so long for.

It’s right here. Go there now, and get submerged in the sisterhood.

See you soon,


You're In!