Here’s the problem.  You’re not getting the results you want and you feel like you’re taking action.  You’re moving forward with your mission and yet nothing is popping.  You’re not getting the results you want.  Why is that?

I’m Jennifer, your Life Coach and Business Strategist, and a Way Maker for World Changers.  I’m here to help you figure out just what the issue might be.

The Productivity Killer

So you get to the end of your day and you feel like you’ve done everything you could.  When you review your day, you’ve been researching, liking, tweeting, retweeting, sharing, forwarding, following, etc.  After that, you’re attending the webinar, and downloading the freebies.  Then you’re consuming the freebies to get all the little tidbits that are promised.  You feel exhausted at the end of the day like you’ve done TONS of work.  By the end of the week though, you haven’t really called in any new revenue.

You haven’t called in any new clients, or booked a talk.  You simply haven’t moved the needle forward in your business.  Why is that?  You may be suffering from a case of what I like to call “too many gurus for your own good”.

Now…I LOVE to research.  I love to consume, I love to learn.  I love to educate myself, totally.  I’m one of you.  That’s why I can talk to you about this. Before we get to experience your genius, you’re saying:

  • “Wait, let me research first.”
  • “Wait, let me see what my favorite influencer says about this”
  • “Wait, I would love so and so’s take on this”
  • “Wait, wait wait…”

What’s happening is before you are letting the world experience your genius, you’re going back to research.  I call this analysis paralysis.  It’s where you defer to someone who you feel is more of an expert in this field than you.  Now can we all learn from someone who is a little bit further ahead in the process of whatever it is we’re trying to do?  Absolutely.

Analysis Paralysis

Your day-to-day, week-by-week should not look like you first checking out the webinar before you go ahead and post the blog post.  Or…before you go on YouTube and do your video, you have to check and make sure that you’re in alignment with everybody else in your industry.  Do you find yourself doing that?

I have had colleagues and even clients with analysis paralysis.  I’m putting the smack down on you, like I have them, out of love.  What you really need to do is have a time for creation mode, have a time for creativity.  I call that “Being in the Lab”, and you don’t want to get stuck there either.

You also have to have a time for outreach where you’re going out into the world.  Going out can be posting on Facebook, or Instagram, or it could also be attending an event or conference.

You’re getting your thought leadership, your knowledge and your creativity out into the world, because that’s why we’re going to hire you.  That’s why we want to partner with you and how we’re going to get to know what you know.

This is my suggestion to you:  Examine your week and be honest.  Are you consuming more than you create?  Where are you getting stuck? Why are you getting stuck there?

Confidence is Key

It’s usually a confidence thing where you feel like you don’t have the right.  You’re not ‘expert’ enough to speak on what you speak on.  If you truly feel like this is a problem, join my program, the Soul-Centered Business Creator.  We walk you through how to take the ideas from your head and heart, and create a service and an offer.  Then we’ll show you how to market that authentically.

If you truly need support with that, there are resources available to you.  What I know for sure is that right now there’s something that you know you could teach somebody else.  I am imploring you to put that out first, before you go back into your own lab an start researching and consuming.

The other thing I’ll say is, yes, you probably have people that you admire, and that you follow.  That is a beautiful, beautiful thing.  Part of your practice also needs to be getting really juiced up and sold on how great you are and much you know too.  Because you also get to contribute to the messages that are out there and to what other people are consuming.

Create Time for Creativity

If you’re going to be a leader in your space, or if you’re going to be a contributor to your space, why not put out what you know and feel first?  Then feel free to go ahead and research and whatnot.  I only say this because, you’ll get to the end of your day and feel like you’ve put in a day’s worth of work, but all you’ve really done is support other platforms.  The people who should be following you and learning from you haven’t gotten anything.

So while it’s totally ok to have time to consume and learn about all the things your super passionate about, I want you to create that time for creativity and outreach.  And most importantly…..

I want you to never forget to Shine On, Sista!

You're In!